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Join the inkjet set Need persuading to print out your handiwork? Epson has three good reasons to get you started

Every photographer has shots they’re really proud of; ones that sum up a great day, remind you of a special person or evoke a happy memory. You’re probably thinking about one or two of those images right now. So why, then, are they sat on your computer’s hard drive? Great photographs should be printed and shared so they can be enjoyed by family, friends and fellow photographers, not gathering virtual dust on your PC. Epson produces a range of inkjet printers that will help you get the very best results from your digital files. With a range of great features and cutting- edge technology, you can get lab-quality results in minutes whether you want A4, A3, A2 or even larger prints. In the next few issues of Photography News , we’ll introduce you to some of the photographers who use Epson printers to bring their images to life, but for starters here are three key reasons why you should make Epson inkjets your first choice.

With a range of great features and cutting-edge technology, you can get lab-quality

When you’ve unpacked a new printer, the last thing you want is to waste paper and time trying to get your first print. Many of Epson’s latest inkjet printers feature wireless connectivity options, so they don’t even need to be in the same room as your computer, and easy-to-follow CD-based drivers to have you ready in no time. Once connected, you’ll have a print in minutes thanks to simple interfaces that make feature selection easy. The Expression XP-950, for example, which Simple to connect

can produce up to A3 size prints, also features an 8.8cm touch screen that enables users to swipe through functions or scroll through images on a memory card inserted into one of the printer’s card slots. In fact, you don’t even need a computer or memory card to start printing. Selected models also use Epson Connect to offer mobile and cloud printing options, enabling you to print from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices with the relevant app.

results in minutes

whether you want A4 or A2

High quality, accurate colours

Every part of the Epson workflow systemmeans you’ll get great results every time you hit the print button. The combination of print head technology, high-quality dye or pigment-based inks and a wide range of media delivers prints that offer great colours, a wide tonal range and excellent detail in highlights, shadows and mid-tones. Even greater versatility is offered by models offering larger print sizes, such as the Stylus Photo R3000. This A3+ model features three densities of black ink, two of which are automatically swapped according to the type of print media in use. Unrivalled versatility like this means Epson printers deliver superb results whether you’re printing out in full colour or black & white.

Inks andmedia Epson provides the complete printing solution including large capacity ink cartridges and a wide range of compatible media that will ensure you get long-lasting results that stand the test of time. From a range of photographic papers to a selection of fine art options, you’ll be able to get the perfect look and feel to your shots. Many Epson printers also offer both front and rear loading to maximise the variety of printing materials that can be used. The A2 Stylus Pro 3880, for example, accepts media up to 1.5mm thick and offers large 80ml ink tanks, which means it offers a cost-effective way of producing poster-sized prints.

To find out more about the entire Epson range of inkjet printers, go to where you’ll also find details on the cashback offers available on the Expression Premium and Photo ranges between now and 31 March 2014.

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