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Ready for everything None of this protection compromises the design of the Professional bags, because they’ve also been fashioned for ease of use. All the pockets and compartments are positioned for convenience and ease of access, while the durable metal fastenings and oversized zips mean there’s no fumbling to get into them when you want to get at things in a hurry. What’s more, the minimal and stylish design means they’re suitable for any situation while remaining discreet. Above all else, a camera bag should keep your kit safe. Manfrotto’s newProfessional bags do just that

When you’re carrying thousands of pounds’ worth of camera kit, the risk of knocking or dropping it can be a worry – but not with Manfrotto’s new range of Professional bags. They offer advanced protection so you can be sure your camera gear is safe, and they do it without compromising on ease of use or style. Protection for your kit is at the heart of Manfrotto’s Professional bags, with its unique Camera Protection System. The centre of most bags is the weakest point, even though it’s also where most of us keep our main camera body and favourite lens. If you drop a bag full of kit, the items around the edges get forced into the middle and compress what’s there, risking serious damage. Manfrotto has recognised this risk, and designed the Camera Protection System to reduce it. It uses a thick layer of shock-absorbing dividers that encase the central area. They’re made with 3D shock-absorbing foam that dampens the force of impact, as well as structured reinforcement board and a brushed fabric outer layer. If the worst happens, it’s the Camera Protection System that takes the hit, not your kit. The first line of defence against any impact though is the Exo-Tough construction, designed to prevent much of the force reaching the inside of the bag at all. It’s made up of a multi-layered shock- absorbing foam covered with a high-performance rip-resistant fabric on the outside, and a brushed fabric on the inside so there’s no risk of scratching your kit. This spreads the initial shock of an impact across the surface of the bag rather than through it, channelling the impact away from your kit inside so you can rest assured that it’s safe. With the Manfrotto Professional bags, you don’t need to worry about taking your kit out in the wet either: there’s a built-in rain cover that makes sure no water can reach your kit, and almost all models have feet to keep the bottom above wet or muddy ground so it can’t soak up any moisture.

With a total of 16 bags in the Manfrotto Professional range, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs, no matter what you’re shooting or where you’re going. Professional backpacks are built to carry pro DSLR bodies, lenses, flashes, a laptop, tripod and accessories, while Professional shoulder bags let you easily carry and access all your camera kit as well as a laptop, tablet, notebook, documents and personal items. The range also includes holsters for carrying minimal kit, sling bags for easy access and comfort, and roller bags for carrying large amounts of kit – these even comply with airline regulations, so you can be sure of maximum protection on your travels. The Manfrotto Professional range is great value too, with prices starting at just £65 for the Professional Holster Plus 20 and going up to £320 for the Professional Roller bag 70.

Protection for your kit is at the heart of Manfrotto’s Professional bags, with its unique Camera Protection System. It uses a thick layer of shock-absorbing

dividers to encase the central area

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IMAGE Pick up your Professional bag and head out for a shoot confident that your kit is safe and secure.






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