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XR HAS LANDED IN BALTIMORE Rock Shore brings a piece of Hollywood Technology to the emerging film and commercial market of Maryland & Washington, DC

MARYLAND-BASED video production company Rock Shore has installed an XR LED Studio within its new production facility in Baltimore, Maryland, and is now accepting bookings. The technology creates an ‘all-encompassing environment’ that improves production and creative flexibility, while reducing travel time and expenses for on-location shooting.

Steven Belcher Cinematographer at Rock Shore

PRECISE TRACKING Rock Shore’s XR LED Studio is equipped with Mo-Sys StarTracker for precise camera tracking

“My favourite part about this new workflow is the time it saves in post.

FINGER ON THE PULSE Steven Belcher utilises new XR technology, now available in Baltimore, Maryland

Everything in the background is agreed upon before you even shoot, so there’s no back and forth. There’s no need to worry about pesky green screen keys, compositing, or matching lighting in colour correction. Just like if you are out on location – the shot is the shot. Oh, and did I mention no more green screens? The best.” Matt Winter, post-production manager at Rock Shore.

BEHIND THE FRAME Using an XR Studio allows for real-time, in-camera FX, like reflections on elements in the scene

“What we can now accomplish changes the game entirely.”

Rock Shore’s recent expansion encompasses a 142.5-degree curved 4K LED Wall with 136 custom 2.6PP panels. The system is controlled by two NovaStar MCTRL 4K LED Processors. 2D and 3D Content is run through a custom computer system, built by Puget Systems. The studio is equipped with a Mo-Sys StarTracker, which allows for real-time camera movement to be captured and communicated to Unreal Engine. “This will have a trickle-down effect, positively impacting Baltimore talent, vendors, rental companies and hospitality, as we intend to attract out-of- state productions to the area. We have the energy, will, industry expertise and technology to make Maryland a preferred production location on the East Coast,” explains Rock Shore owner Nate Brubaker. “We’ve created a customised pipeline, focusing on creativity and scalability to accommodate a wide range of content, from traditional 2D to full- scale virtual productions.” Adrien Oneiga, director of virtual production.

“As a DOP, the ability to light interactively with the virtual

environment allows me to think creatively in real time, and craft a far more realistic, believable scene than using a green/blue screen. It also allows actors to interact in real time, without having to imagine what’s around them. This enables us to not only tell our stories better, but immerse the audience in them.

FLEXIBLE AND FUNCTIONAL Mo-Sys StarTracker mounts on any camera system

“It’s exciting to see it come to life. I love how efficient it is to have everything – the wall, studio, office - in one place. We can film in multiple locations without moving. With the wall, we have full control of the environment. Any changes are just a click away.” Mei Lin Lau Mann, producer at Rock Shore.

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“The lighting set-up we used for the car scene was an overhead key consisting of three Litepanels Gemini 2x1s, diffused with a 12x12 Magic Cloth grid. The fill sources consisted of two Quasar Science Rainbow RGB tubes, as well as two Litepanels Gemini 1x1s. The lens we used was a Fujinon 20-120mm Cabrio XK T3.5 Premier PL Mount Zoom Lens with a 1/8 Black Pro Mist Filter.”

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