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HDR THRILLER DIT Alix Milan gives the low-down on how he created the perfect HDR workflow for Netflix’s most anticipated film of the year, I Came By

ALIX MILAN IS A DIT with a post-production and colour background. He graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth with a degree in film production – and has since worked on-set with many well-respected DOPs such as Kit Fraser. After several years in the field, Milan founded We Love Hue, a London- based colour & workflow solutions company, working in the UK feature film, TV drama and commercials industry, providing services that include: on-set colour, video playback, data management, colour finishing and workflow support from pre- through to post-production. For on-set solutions, the company custom-builds rigs that operate close to camera, allowing DOPs the highest level of control. This, in part, comes from the excellent kit that We Love Hue invests from CVP. Milan explains: “CVP has been a supplier of ours for years and I try to get as much from it as I can, because it’s always low on price, but high on quality. This includes things like AJA Kumo SDI routers and

wireless video solutions, which were used on my most recent DIT project for Netflix’s I Came By .” DEMAND FOR EXCELLENCE The neo-noir thriller, which follows a young London graffiti artist who targets the homes of wealthy elites and uncovers a shocking secret, was directed by Babak Anvari, aka the Bafta-winning director of Under the Shadow . Lucan Toh produced the project, while Kit Fraser – who worked with Anvari on both Under the Shadow and Wounds – served as cinematographer. The DOP’s long-standing relationship with Milan made him the natural choice for DIT, but it was also strong expertise in managing complex digital pipelines that truly won him over. Milan says, “I met Kit doing short films way back when. Then we did our first feature in 2018 called Farming . Since then, I’ve been the DIT on all his digital projects. For I Came By , Netflix wanted to finish it in HDR. They asked us how it would work, and we spent a few months discussing the

“CVP has been a supplier of ours for years... it’s always low on price, high on quality”

EDGE OF YOUR SEAT I Came By will keep audiences hooked, in part due to some thoughtful DIT work


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