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NIGHT VISION Given that Canon – albeit slightly accidentally – invented the concept of the video-capable DSLR, it’s difficult to overlook the company when we’re talking about cinema cameras in small boxes. Even if we decide to exclude stills cameras from our thinking, Canon does actually have a very compact box camera with a Super 35 sensor – the ME200S-SH. Overlooking that mouthful of a model number, we find Canon’s diminutive block is something of a specialist, with truly incredible low-light performance. Early versions were shown at IBC, shooting an otherwise blacked- out box – the interior of which seemed like a solid wall of black to eyes used to harsh show-floor lighting – but the ME200S-SH could see into it. Yes, there’s inevitably some noise at the most extreme settings – the camera doesn’t have any onboard recording, plus the big pixels required for such staggering sensitivity mean this is an HD, rather than 4K, option. Nonetheless, anyone looking to record nocturnal animals or sneak up on the bad guys at night could do worse than this camera. LITTLE BOXES OF TREATS If Canon has had a stalwart competitor in the world of video- capable stills cameras, it’s probably Panasonic. The company did well with the GH series, which often

SMALL, BUT MIGHTY The Lumix BGH1, body only, weighs just 545g – but offers 13 stops of dynamic range

“If Canon has had a stalwart competitor in the world of video-capable stills cameras, it’s probably Panasonic”

BRAND MIXING The Lumix BS1H with the Blackmagic Video Assist 12G on-camera monitor

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