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BEARD: Yes, the market is ever-changing at all levels of the industry, and while the top-end productions may choose from a select few models, they are also supplementing with a whole variety of solutions. It’s also very easy to look at the top productions and assume that is how the majority of the market shoots as a whole. In our experience, this is far from the reality. HARRISON: Again, our business is driven by demand; we look at trends and find out what our clients want. We’re not following this one line of always buying the newest release and stocking everything. We do have to be able to shift priorities at any moment, because DOPs or crew might say they’ve seen a great monitor, or an amazing lens, and then we want to try that out. We have to remain flexible and we’re willing to shift our

quickly from simply a creative decision, to one almost purely driven by new products being released by the manufacturers. Clients say ‘we have to shoot on the latest camera’. That latest camera being full- frame makes the decision for us. It will be interesting to see how the new Arri Super 35 bucks this trend, and what this will mean for the market. SMITH: Choice is a good thing, but saturation is a different story. Perhaps manufacturers could look to Red’s tag line, ‘obsolescence obsolete’, as a way to move forward. An upgrade path is both better for businesses and sustainability, which should be everyone’s primary focus. Arri has always been slow and steady with its releases, ensuring the product is right and the market is ready – it’s not done them any harm. Maybe others should take note.

focus as required. It’s important to listen to the market. MARNER: Manufacturers are always going to launch new products. Whether they end up being as successful as they imagined is ultimately down to the user. Everyone likes the latest toy, so I am sure these new cameras will do well. Time will tell which one makes it to the top! Next month, we discuss the sensors and lenses of the future, as well as the importance of sustainability, training, education and client service.

“It’s very easy to look at the top productions and assume that is how the majority of the market shoots. In our experience, this is far from reality”

67. APRIL 2022

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