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GREATER RESOURCE While DYNAMIC does sub-rent lenses, among other kit, its focus is on the LTR of cameras and media because, as Smith states, the programme has to be underpinned by stock. DYNAMIC has one of the world’s largest camera and media inventories, and following the tremendous success of the Sony Venice, placed an order for 70 units of the Venice 2 on the day of its launch. “It’s our stock, flexibility and quality of service that make us the top option for rental houses. You see slogans thrown around like ‘best industry QC’, etc – and of course we look after our kit, that’s obvious – but as a rental house, you need confidence to know that if a camera breaks, we have the depth of stock to send out a replacement immediately, or if you need more gear... we have it. We also have strong relationships with resellers and manufacturers, so no matter where you are in the world, we’ll get a replacement for you within 48 hours or sooner. Our tag line is reliability, flexibility, LTR – and we stick to that.”

“Our LTR programme allows clients to bring in kit for the period they know they’re going to be busy, then return it when their schedule is quieter”

Now, entry requirements for the programme make it accessible for all, with customers only needing to rent one camera for 12 months, or two for six months. Once on the programme, you can supplement with more cameras or media – the fixed monthly price will not change. The kit that rental houses have out on productions fluctuates throughout the year, based on speciality or geography. But, as Smith explains: “No rental house in the world should ever have enough kit for the peak of their season – if they do, they have over- invested and will have a low utilisation”. He adds: “Our LTR programme allows clients to bring in kit for the period they know they’re going to be busy, then return it when they know their schedule is quieter.” LESS RISK Another benefit of LTR is avoiding depreciation, which on a camera is usually 20% per year. So, if you’ve got a £100K camera, you will see a book loss of £20K per annum just for ‘owning it’. No profit will hit the bottom line until both the leasing and depreciation costs are exceeded. This

is so important in an industry where the market is becoming increasingly saturated with cameras that lose value quicker. Smith explains: “Before the Arri Alexa Mini LF and Sony Venice launched a few years ago, the Arri Alexa Mini dominated the market for many years, so owning that as a rental outfit made sense. But, this year, there’s going to be another shift in what’s popular, with the Venice 2 just launched and the Arri S35 4K on its way – I’ve never seen so many options. Investing and not knowing longevity, or having guaranteed utilisation, is a real risk. It is much safer to invest in a programme like LTR, where you make a profit instantly.” Ownership of filmmaking equipment varies from country to country, but in general, purchasing, consignment or sub-rental are the most common globally. “DYNAMIC is making leasing more rental friendly,” explains Smith. ”LTR gives you the freedom of investing your CAPEX into higher yielding or longer-lasting equipment, while having access to ALL the cameras and media you need. We created LTR to alleviate risk, delivering it via a familiar sub-rental model that clients are comfortable with.”

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