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connecting and talking to a human, rather than a camera.” For a vérité-style series, presenting the storyline and subjects in such a manner allows the documentary to differentiate itself from being a reporter of facts, acting as a vocal chord for those needing to tell their story in a tangible way. “Primarily, we used the Sony FX9 for interviews,” continues Nelson. “Sigma Art primes were the main interview lenses and Canon FD primes were used for recreations. “We also chose Sigma Art primes, because those are optics that we were finding we could easily procure anywhere – and this was especially helpful for the remote shoots.” BEHIND THE CAMERA In terms of the camera selection, it seems that the choice was not an unusual one for this format of documentary. “The Sony FX9 is becoming a pretty popular camera,” says Nelson. “What I appreciate about it is that it’s extremely user-friendly. It has a nice aspect that also has dual ISO, which provides more flexibility in low-light situations. “On top of this, it has a variable ND – and anyone in documentary can tell you that being able to change mid-shot is so key, as it allows you to keep it at a lower T stop for a more shallow depth-of-field.” It’s clear that the truth behind the Playboy Mansion was waiting to be told. Many of the Bunnies and inhabitants spoke of the way Hefner was always sure to censor and prevent any incriminating stories emerging. Therefore, telling this story in a sophisticated, but tactful way was of utmost importance. “Of course there has been a backlash to this documentary, with people in shock and disbelief. Many are standing by the fact he was the kindest, gentlest man. I have to say, I’ve met him – and I can agree with them. But I think oftentimes it’s a pillar within society, and we don’t register that a predator walks among us,” reflects Nelson. Rent or purchase Secrets of Playboy on iTunes, Google Play and Vudu “It’s clear that the truth behind the Playboy Mansion was waiting to be told... The Bunnies spoke of the way Hefner was able to censor incriminating stories”

FALLOUT With a decades-long history, there’s much to unpack in the impact that Playboy has had on so many people

Production Fact File

LOCATION Filming took place all across the US, with some remote shoots

CAST 64 people were interviewed, with two more to come in special episodes

SCHEDULE It took over a year to make because of the vigilante valet

SENSITIVE FILMMAKING Many of the interviewees shared deeply personal stories and experiences, therefore it was important to create the right tone for the documentary


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