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THE FUTURE OF FILM Sonequa Martin-Green (centre) films a scene in Pixomondo’s AR wall stage in Toronto

DEFINITION: Virtual production with LED has been quite the story during the pandemic. Has it changed what you do as a company? FOWLER: It has. Already in 2019 we identified virtual production as a key area for growth, as productions turned to LED to give a raft of improvements in workflow and cost saving. The pandemic supercharged that and led us to accelerate tools we already had in the pipeline, like Frame Remapping (giving the ability to shoot from two perspectives or different content on the same wall), ShutterSync® (a tool allowing creatives to work at different shutter angles without the risk of artifacts on camera) and 3D LUT (the ability to import lookup tables onto the processor). Combined with tools like Pomfort’s Livegrade and Assimilate’s Live Looks and Live Assist, you get real-time grading of LED walls. DEFINITION: Looking ahead, is that set to continue? FOWLER: Very much so. In our V3.3 release, which is available to download from our website, we have support for

“Locating things together allows us to troubleshoot issues rapidly. Our 24-hour technical support has been key to the company’s growth”

the real-time backdrop looks as it should as the camera pans around the volume.

tracking markers. That’s really interesting for VP. We already support Mo-Sys, which provided the tracking system at the SMPTE event. This means that instead of using physical markers (usually dots on floors or ceilings) to locate the tracking camera, we can embed those markers into content on the walls to be visible to the tracking camera, but invisible to the cinema camera. This is a new way of ensuring the tracking position of the camera is accurate, so that

DEFINITION: Demand for your processors must be high – any plans to expand? FOWLER: Yes. We have just opened an office in Taiwan to complement those we have in Shenzhen, China, which plays a big role in supporting manufacturers, and in Burbank, LA, which is perfectly placed to support the film industry. We are also moving into a bigger HQ in London, where processor manufacture will continue alongside R&D support. That’s important to us, as locating those things together allows us to troubleshoot issues rapidly. Our 24-hour technical support has been key to the company’s growth and is something our customers value hugely. It also brings a lot of satisfaction to be able to see the products rolling out the door – the final step in a major process: from conception on the drawing board, to realisation in cartons destined for concert halls, theatres, TV studios and film sets around the world.

DEMONSTRATION Brompton Technology showcases Frame Remapping at White Light’s The Mermaid, London

29. APRIL 2022

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