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A.C. Lighting Inc

Cineo Lighting

OZEN Camera Support Equipment

Stand C7141 Stand C6749 Stand C8915 Stand C9312 Stand C10021 Stand C6143 Stand C6113 Stand C7925

Stand C8912 Stand C5623 Stand C6540 Stand C8923 Stand C7736


AbelCine Absen Inc

Core SWX

P+S Technik

Stand C6735 Stand C8222 Stand C3607 Stand C7935 Stand C5334 Stand C4516 Stand C5632 Stand C6715 Stand C3331 Stand C3315 Stand C6122 Stand C9612 Stand C10901 Stand C9815 Stand C5433 Stand C10215 Stand C11519 Stand C8522 Stand C3319 Stand C5432 Stand C7715 Stand C5326 Stand C5828 Stand C5637 Stand C10710 Stand C6132 Stand C10115 Stand C8116 Stand C6838



Acebil/Eagle America Sales Allied Broadcast Group

CueScript D2 Motion


Prolycht Lighting

American Grip Inc.

dedolight – Dedo Weigert Film GmbH Stand C6532

Remote Camera Technology


Deity Microphones DPA Microphones

RFALV Services ROE Visual US Inc

Stand C6413 Stand C8609 Stand C7945 Stand C5323 Stand C5729 Stand C5408 Stand C6127 Stand C3027 Stand C6422 Stand C4426 Stand C6932 Stand C8519 Stand C7349 Stand C3019 Stand C1307 Stand C5346 Stand C5332 Stand C6127 Stand C6140 Stand C2119 Stand C7421 Stand C4208 Stand C5442 Stand C3836


ASC – American Cinematographer Stand C11020


Sennheiser Electronic Corporation Shenzhen AOTO Electronics Co Ltd Shenzhen Hollyland Technology Co Ltd

Ascentium Capital LLC

Flanders Scientific Inc Fletcher Consulting

Stand C3131 Stand C8937 Stand C6543 Stand C9526 Stand C10516 Stand C10916 Stand C7012 Stand C3940 Stand C6537 Stand C5021 Stand C6144 Stand C8622 Stand C3941 Stand C4742 Stand C10312 Stand C11019

Astera LED Technology GmbH

Atlas Lens Co





Shure Inc

B&H – The Studio

Gyro-Stabilized Systems IDX System Technology Inc

Sony Electronics Inc Soyuz Microphones

B&H Photo, Video, Pro Audio Barbizon Lighting Company

Ikegami Lawo AG

Special Grip KFT Steadygum S.L.

BB&S Lighting

Bebob Factory GmbH

Lindsey Optics LLC

StellaPro Lights by Light & Motion


LiteGear Inc


Birger Engineering Inc

Logitek Electronic Systems Marshall Electronics Inc

SWIT Electronics Co Ltd


Techflex Inc

Blueshape Energy Inside Breakthrough Filters


Technocrane Ltd Telemetrics Inc

Miller Camera Support LLC Mo-Sys Engineering Ltd


Thinklogical, A Belden Brand

CameraTools Ltd Canon USA Inc Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC Chimera Lighting

Mole-Richardson Co

Tilta Inc

Stands C201LMR, C202LMR, C4432 MRMC



Vitec Production Solutions

Stand C7718 Stand C4749 Stand C6732 Stand C3931 Stand C5726

Waterbird Systems

Chrosziel GmbH

Nyriad Inc

ZHIYUN Zylight



Cinema Devices

NAB seminars


ASC Cinematography Lighting Workshop April 24-25, 12.00-5pm, N262-N264

Out of this World: Virtual Production on Roninfilm’s Gods of Mars April 26, 12.35-1.35pm, N255-N257 The talented team behind Roninfilm’s Gods of Mars share insights into VP, tackling subjects from building a world in Unreal Engine, to live-action SmartStage lensing and workflow. Hear from Oscar-winning DOP/VFX supervisor David Stump, director/producer Peter Hyoguchi, VP producer Joan Webb, CG supervisor Dan Lauer and editor Robert Dias. #GALSNGEAR: Remote Workflows, Creative Results April 24, 4-6pm, C5646 – Create Inspiration Zone Join director, producer and founder of #GALSNGEAR, Amy DeLouise, for a preview of Tuesday’s Women’s Leadership Summit. Discover the latest innovations revolutionising remote workflows and learn how #GALSNGEAR is driving creative vision and results. After the talk, there will be a networking mixer on the show floor, where you’ll have the chance to get to know your peers and hear more from the speakers. More info coming soon.

HDR Challenges & Solutions April 24, 12.35-12.55pm, W307-W309

The American Society of Cinematographers is offering a workshop, where experts in film and television production will discuss cinematographic lighting techniques in two five-hour sessions (one on Sunday, one on Monday). Instructors to be announced sometime in March.

Bill Redmann, director of standards at Immersive Media Technologies, will address the challenges and solutions of HDR, providing an introduction to tone mapping. Learn how content producers can utilise tone compression to map from HDR to lower HDR or SDR luminance, and tone expansion to map from SDR or HDR to higher HDR luminance. The techniques covered include HLG, static look-up tables and dynamic metadata. NABiQ: Map Out the Ultimate Production Workflow for a Hybrid World April 24, 10.30am-12pm, N730 – Create Innovation Zone In this interactive workshop, you’ll map out the ultimate production cycle for a hybrid world. Take a decentralised workflow as your starting point, identifying the best aspects of in-person and virtual production. By pooling ideas with your peers, you’ll begin to figure out how these could be combined in a hybrid approach, that manages to minimise costs, without compromising quality.

Creative Camera Conversations: Nightmare Alley April 24, 1.55-2.55pm, N255-N257

If cameras could talk – find out what it’s like to work alongside one of the world’s most renowned directors. The Society of Camera Operators has invited Gilles Corbeil SOC and first AC Doug Lavender to discuss the creative decisions that went into the production of Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley , which received four Academy Award nominations. They will discuss the unique artistic collaboration that goes into bringing the wonderfully surreal worlds of del Toro’s imagination to life, providing fascinating insight into the challenges they encountered along the way.

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