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Rotolight Rotolight is a British manufacturer of innovative LED products for the motion picture and photographic industries. Its lights are easy to use, with a full-colour touch-screen display that lets you access key features quickly, to achieve the exact colour you want at a moment’s notice. You’ll have a chance to meet the team at BSC, where Rotolight will exhibit its award-winning Titan lights, known for their touch-screen interface, RGBWW capabilities, CineSFX and SmartSoft diffusion. The Titan X2 is turning heads in the industry, with DOP and editor Matt Allard describing it as ‘the new gold standard against which all other lights should be compared’.

Sony Sony’s team will take you through its extensive range of filmmaking tech, from image and audio capture to on-set and post-production monitoring. One hotly anticipated addition to the line-up is the Venice 2, on display for the first time in the UK since release. Building on its predecessor, the Venice 2 offers compact design, internal recording and a choice of two sensors: the full-frame 8.6K or original 6K Venice. It’s inherited some popular features from the original, including colour science, Dual Base ISO and eight stops of built-in ND filters. Watch out for demonstrations of the leading on-set workflow of the Venice 2 with Pomfort Livegrade. You’ll be able to explore Sony’s full Cinema Line range, which caters for creators of all budgets. Experience the Venice Rialto extension system, discover the PXW-FX9 v3.0’s anamorphic mode, and try a selection of renowned Alpha lenses. If you’re interested in workflow, there will also be a state-of-the-art BVM-HX310 post-production monitor to view, alongside the 4K HDR PVM-X series of on-set monitors and location sound recording solutions. See stunning footage captured with the Venice 2 in Rob Hardy’s film, Venezia , which will screen during the show.

Motion Impossible Demonstrating its range of engineering solutions for the Agito camera movement system, Motion Impossible is bound to have the crowd wowed! Broadcast bundles enable the high-precision and agile control of a tracked dolly with column-mounted camera heads. Magrax enables the Agito to follow a magnetic strip laid on a surface, underneath a carpet or embedded in a set. Operators lay the path, and the Agito

autonomously follows, while controlling the head and/or tower elevation. The Agito Column has been developed for heavier payloads, supporting up to 50kg. Agito two-axis heads are based on the Egripment 205 and 306 Remote Heads. The first is lightweight, providing smooth camera motion for payloads up to 10kg. The second is larger and more powerful, making for accurate movement for payloads up to 32kg.

Zeiss Fans of Zeiss are in for a treat with the premiere of its Supreme Prime 15mm lens at BSC. The latest optic completes the family of successful Supreme Primes, known throughout the world for exceptional quality, portability and versatility. The 14-piece, high-end cine lens series ranges from 15 to 200mm, with maximum apertures of T1.5 to T2.2. The Supreme Prime 15mm provides DOPs with an extremely wide-angle view and T1.8 maximum aperture. Test it out at Zeiss’ stand, and experiment with flaring using Supreme Prime Radiance lenses in a purpose-built darkroom.

19. APRIL 2022

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