DEFINITION April 2022 - Newsletter


Cinelab Hot off the press is the news that Cinelab Film & Digital has installed its brand-new large format, high- resolution OXScan 12K scanner at the BSC Expo – the first in the UK capable of processing and scanning 65mm original camera negative film. The OXScan offers high-resolution, high-quality scanning across formats for remastering, capable of handling 65mm 5-perf and 15-perf IMAX, 70mm print and 35mm film. Cinelab recognises there has been a resurgence in shooting large format film in the industry, having worked with 65mm, IMAX and 35mm for No Time to Die . This prompted the move to instal the OXScan in the UK. “Since establishing our 65mm processing capability with Kodak back in 2016, we’ve worked on several inevitably high-profile features, but there has been a lack of high-end finishing and scanning available in the UK and Europe,” says Adrian Bull, CEO of Cinelab. “This solution from DFT provides the best pin-registered 65mm 5-perf and IMAX scans from this special format. Also, we are looking forward to developing the market in 8K finishing and remastering of 35mm film.” Drop by Cinelab’s booth to find out more about this exciting development – and see the OXScan in action.

Aspectra Aspectra will be showcasing PAG’s innovative, high-end camera power solutions for digital cinematography, TV production and broadcast acquisition. PAG is known for providing the industry’s most advanced battery technology in the form of PAGlink, a unique system of intelligent linking batteries. If you’re looking for massive power without the weight, explore the Mini PAGlink system. It offers lighter kits in 50Wh and

99Wh capacities – ideal with smaller 4K camcorders, large format cameras, monitors and panel lights; they also come in V-Mount and Gold Mount. Head to Aspectra’s booth to hear about the benefits of battery linking, from improved life to greater suitability for air travel. Mini PAGlink employs the same li-ion cells as those approved by Nasa for its mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. They’re literally out of this world!


Power giant Hawk-Woods will be at BSC showcasing the MXB-880 – a solid, but lightweight battery with an in-built charger that boasts 880Wh in a small form, weighing just 7.2kg. It’s the first battery designed within Hawk-Woods’ new Mini range of floor batteries, and has received glowing reviews so far. The sleek, tidy design gives it a professional look, while practical features like a durable handle make for easy carrying. Also noteworthy are dual voltage outputs and a display screen. A lighting version is now in development for later in the year.

Creamsource Creamsource fixtures are known for extreme versatility, and its latest high-powered LED guarantees just that. Designed for film production, the Vortex4 is a 1x1 325w system boasting a narrow native beam angle of 20°, and CCT range from 2200K to 15,000K. It’s ideal as a hard punch light to push through diffusion, or a soft, creamy light. Designed with durability and elegance in mind, it utilises world-class engineering to deliver aerospace-grade sealing, protecting it from extreme shooting conditions – from adverse weather to messy effects machines. Head to the stand for more about its artist-first approach to UI/UX, and learn how it integrates with the Vortex8 to bring visions to life.


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