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“All these flash options store up to a few terabytes, but that won’t satisfy a multi-day 6K shoot, recording a high-quality format”

Promise Technology Although cloud storage has had an enormous uptake in post-production, there are still circumstances when fast local storage with large capacities is required – especially when editing high-resolution footage. Promise Technology’s Pegasus32 Series provides an excellent solution for video editors, offering connectivity for Thunderbolt 3 at 40GB/s and USB 3.2 Gen 2 at 10GB/s – the display port can even support 8K monitors. Like its predecessors, the Pegasus32 Series is a solid RAID platform. Providing data protection you can rely on, it supports high- performance RAID 0 to RAID 5 and 6 for redundancy, and RAID 10 for a mix of performance and redundancy.

the camera will only do 90, so it won’t be a big problem to keep up with downloading cards. The X5 might reasonably be despatched to a post house on a bike, and so might the T7 Touch (£200, or a little less). It’s slower at about 1000MB/s, but an even more compact device, with USB 3.2 Generation 2 connectivity. That highlights one of the wrinkles in storage: plug it into the wrong socket and the device is hamstrung, so selecting the right socket demands attention to detail (see the problem with USB). SLOT-IN STORAGE Things are a little simpler with SATA-attached devices. While SATA was originally intended to connect hard disks to computers on at least a semi-permanent basis,

it’s become a popular way for on- camera recorders to use off-the- shelf flash. In some ways, the baby of Samsung’s range is the 870 QVO, which is limited to speeds slightly under 550MB/s by the SATA interface, but it does slot straight into a variety of useful devices. All these flash options store up to a few terabytes, but that won’t satisfy a multi-day 6K shoot, recording a high-quality format. Even in 2021, not everything can reasonably be done with flash; spinning disks still have a niche. With that notional Alexa thundering along at 90fps, we’re generating something like a terabyte per hour. On a feature film, that may not seem too scary – for two cameras, perhaps a couple of hours of rushes every day, if the

Did you know? The term flash memory was coined when an engineer noticed data can be erased in a split-second, reminiscent of a camera flash going off.


£99.99-£191.66/ $109.99-$369.99

SAMSUNG 870 QVO £96.00-£657.00/ $149.99-$907.00


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