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STORAGE THAT GIVES YOU WINGS Angelbird engineers custom media technology for leading manufacturers from the perspectives of creatives

ANGELBIRD IS ONE of those rare and unique companies that takes into consideration the needs of professionals. It understands that working at the upper echelon of film production involves taking risks – and those don’t happen in the boardroom. Filmmakers might be out there in a monsoon, or riding shotgun on a highway chase to push the outer limits of artistic production. They require gear that’s going to keep up. Angelbird lives for adventure and design gear that can stand up to anything you throw at it. Out of respect to its customers (and its vocation), the company innovates with integrity, partnering with industry leaders such as Arri, Red and Atomos to create media solutions for cameras and recorders – ensuring the technology is ready to capture the moment. Angelbird takes the trust of patrons seriously, implementing practical design features and innovative engineering to make all the difference. Here are just a few products, developed for its partners.


For the new Atomos Ninja V recording monitor, Angelbird has designed the AtomX SSDmini. It is 20% smaller than the average SSD to fit the small footprint of the Ninja V, but it can be used with Atomos’s whole range of Ninja and Shogun devices, plus – with the use of its AtomX CFast Adapter – the Sumo19, Sumo19m and Shogun Studio. Now that comes in handy. Additionally, the AtomX SSDmini offers 500GB and 1TB of storage and has sustained read speeds of 540MB/s and write speeds of 500MB/s, captures CDNG up to 4K 30p, ProRes Raw HQ 5.7K up to 30p, 4K 60p and 2K 240p, and supports Stable Stream technology, so that it never misses a frame. The SSD also comes with a Master Caddy II guide rail to

ensure perfect docking to the SATA port and is absolutely built to last – it’s tough, low- profile, with great endurance to accompany filmmakers on their creative pursuits.


When working with an Arri camera, the word pro is taken to a whole other level. You’re likely surrounded by the best in the biz and will need your A-game. With so much to consider, from pulling frame lines to colour composition, it is not a moment to take risks or cut corners with generic media. That’s why Angelbird has developed an Arri-specific CFast memory card with custom firmwear to enhance recording performance. There’s an adaptive thermal management

system, providing an added measure of security to protect card data from overheating or excessive vibration during extended shooting sessions. With a capacity for 256GB and sustained read speeds of 530MB/s and write speeds of 430MB/s, it is certified by Arri for its Alexa Mini and Amira cameras. The result is a rock-solid onboard recording media in sync with your vision.


proof, supporting the versatile nature of this go-anywhere, do-anything compact camera.

Through extensive testing and performance metrics, Angelbird

developed the 512GB capacity Red CFast 2.0 card and Red CFast 2.0 Card Reader exclusively for the Komodo 6K camera. With built-in Stable Stream performance and sustained read speeds of 440MB/s and write speeds of 415MB/s, it is able to capture the full-frame 6K detail with unrivalled dynamic range throughout the entire capacity of the card. Built to withstand impact, moisture and extreme temperatures using Angelbird’s adaptive thermal system, the card is also X-ray and magnetic


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