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A NEW STANDARD Battery maker Bebob sets a benchmark with the B-Mount®: the most flexible battery mount of all time

HIGH ENERGY The versatile and innovative B-Mount batteries are undoubtedly the future

ARRI product manager

AS CAMERA AND lighting technology has become more capable and power hungry, the established 12V battery systems are being pushed to their performance limits. In order to meet the increasing power consumption of today’s production gear, DOPs need a system that can deliver 24V – but existing battery mounts (AB- and V-Mount) have been designed around 12V. Although there have been a variety of workarounds, such as mounting two 12V systems together to get a 24V output, it has never felt like a long-term solution. That’s why leading battery manufacturer Bebob has created the B-Mount – a mount designed for both 12V and 24V power delivery. Developed in close consultation with ARRI, the new system offers significant advantages over previous systems, such as high power and multi- voltage capability, smooth mechanics and universal battery communication. ONE FOR ALL The B-Mount interface has the potential for increased power that is three times greater than traditional 12V systems. Providing multi-voltage capabilities (12V and 24V), it can be used with a wide range of camera and lighting equipment from manufacturers worldwide – making it possible to supply all devices on-set with a single battery system. Especially if the batteries themselves are multi-voltage capable – as is currently the case with B-Mount batteries from Bebob. Adapting to the needs of the individual device, they can deliver both 12V and 24V – together with a variety of customised V-Mount and AB-Mount adapter plates, they support a wide range of equipment.

Jeanfre Fachon says: “By establishing an open, international industry standard that meets

customers’ needs and is compatible across all manufacturers, the B-Mount will enable productions to source batteries locally, rather than transporting them. With battery transport restrictions getting stricter, this will save productions time, money and effort. At ARRI, we fully endorse the B-Mount industry standard and will be using it in all our lights and cameras from now on.” As well as providing a sustainable, high-powered solution for the industry, the design of the B-Mount is heavily robust. It features a large locking jaw, and most of the pin connections are built into sheaths that will protect them. It’s also a horizontal mount, which makes for fewer accidental bumps. V-Mount batteries have a vertical mount format and it’s not

uncommon for these to pop off at the most unfortunate moment. Another advantage of the B-Mount is the opportunity it can provide for advanced communication between batteries and camera or lighting equipment, facilitating highly accurate readouts of remaining runtime and charge time, therefore increasing efficiency on-set. Gradually, 24V systems are going to take over, and the previous systems will fade away. We will see the move towards a single standard that is capable of delivering both 24V and 12V for the increasing power consumption of modern cameras and lighting – and Bebob has kick-started that revolution.

“At ARRI, we fully endorse the B-Mount industry standard”

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