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The new star on set

M uch is made of the advances in visual technology for film and TV production, with developments in audio often overlooked. While the shift to digital cameras and file-based workflows over the past ten years was hailed as a revolution in filmmaking, it overshadows the fact that sound had already moved to ones and zeros during the nineties. Digital recording is now the norm, as is tapeless delivery, but many traditional techniques continue in audio acquisition today. Boom microphones are still the primary means of capture, although body-worn wireless mics are challenging their dominance. This shift is highlighted by Stuart Moots, director of pro audio at Shure UK. “We’ve certainly seen an uptake in wireless mics for location sound,” he says.

LOUD AND CLEAR The Shure ADX5D is a portable, dual-channel wireless receiver; the Rode NT-SF1 SoundField mic on location (below left)

Audio technology continues to advance, giving location recordists the best possible tools for capturing sound. Kevin Hilton looks at the equipment available, talking to leading production mixers and manufacturers about the latest techniques

WORDS. Kevin Hilton

41. SEPTEMBER 2021

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