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Tried and tested “Having worked extensively with Helios and the Megapixel VR team, we recognise the huge benefits GhostFrame offers for film studios and XR stages working with LED volumes,” says Philip Galler of Lux Machina. He’s one of the lucky few to get hands-on with the technology during the development phase. “DOPs and producers will be able to reduce time and cost constraints when using GhostFrame in combination with our camera workflows. We’re excited to be a launch partner for this technology and can’t wait to deploy it in the field.” workarounds in post – even working with four 4K inputs. GhostFrame is based on ROE Visual LED panels, Megapixel VR’s HELIOS LED Processing Platform, and a compact TrackMen camera that attaches to your preferred package. It’s a simple way to achieve excellence. Next time you face a virtual production, consider pushing the boundaries of efficiency. With GhostFrame, the impossible is possible.

A SAFE BET GhostFrame is expanding the already impressive creative potential of virtual production, while reducing time spent on-set – and in post-production. Ingenious design is giving them the edge

Through the same means, camera tracking issues are also eliminated. GhostFrame tracking adds a hidden pattern, unseen in footage. Tracking is possible – and accurate – in environments that marker- based optical systems fail in, like near-total LED surrounding. Naturally, there’s zero installation time. Multiple cameras can be tracked independently, each capturing a different background. Whether using two unique backgrounds, or employing multi-perspective camera movements that require a different response from your chosen backdrop, the shot can be secured in a single take. In total, up to four different hidden feeds can be recorded – but the creative applications are virtually limitless. TECHNICAL SUPPORT The advanced capabilities of GhostFrame are only made possible through the system’s ingenious design. Enjoy a zero-latency environment, with less than a frame of delay and easy synchronisation with a range of industry-standard cameras. The processing power makes it possible to implement the GhostFrame features in the actual LED panel. There’s no huge demand elsewhere, no requirement for upstream

VISUALISATION With multiple sources set to virtually anything, you can choose what’s seen by the naked eye – while multiple

options are captured in-camera, ready to be implemented later

“Enjoy a zero-latency environment, with less than a frame of delay” need for VFX. Other issues arise – new hasn’t replaced old yet – but that could be changing. GhostFrame takes this technology a few steps further, displaying more than just a video on the LED displays. ‘Hidden’ feeds are invisible to the naked eye, but are picked up in-camera. The chroma function allows the use of virtual background and chromakey simultaneously, for example. This degree of flexibility in post is unparalleled – the on-set experience can go exactly to plan.

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