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CHELSEA FEARNLEY DEPUTY EDITOR Chelsea Fearnley So, at a time for recognising and celebrating the art of Lee Isaac Chung, as well as the cast and crew, we’re discussing linguistics, race and discrimination instead. And, let’s not forget, the rules leading to acknowledgements and snubs for prestigious prizes have consequences that transcend the big screen. That’s especially poignant at a time when Asian Americans face increasing verbal and physical attacks. WELCOME I t’s great to see Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari emerge as a formidable contender at this year’s Oscars. The family drama – in this case, a Korean family – brilliantly reinvents and reinvigorates the classic theme of chasing the American dream. Interviewing the film’s DOP Lachlan Milne, he was still elated with the cast and crew’s Best Foreign Language Film win at the Golden Globes. Now, the production is up for not one, but six gilded statuettes, including Best Picture. That’s important. Minari missed out on Best Picture honours at the Golden Globes in controversial fashion – a rule stating 50% of dialogue must be in English. The decision simply ignored the fact that it’s an American-distributed movie, written and directed by an American man. Born in Colorado, Chung’s own experiences as the child of Korean immigrants formed the basis of the script. Cosmetic changes won’t cut it any more. The Golden Globes needs a major overhaul if it’s going to win back industry trust. A dramatic expansion of the HFPA would be a good start. The Academy did it after it was hit with #OscarsSoWhite criticism in 2016, growing its organisation by 10% since then. That doubled the representation of people of colour and women. In 2021, if you don’t grow and diversify, it’s game over.

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