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Featuring the same six-chip LED set as its big brothers, Rosco’s new light kit packs all the good stuff into a smaller form factor ROSCO DMG DASH PR I CE £ 2 1 9 / $279


In each corner, small magnets stick firmly to the matching magnetic pads. The units also stack together, enabling, for example, the use of the grid on top of the gel holder. The light has standard 1/4in threaded holes on the rear panel, bottom and left side to suit different mounting options. A magnetic plate with a soft rubber cover is also included. This screws into one of the mounting holes, before magnetically attaching to a flat steel panel, such as a metal handrail in a building. Nonetheless, it’s probably not strong enough to risk using on a fast-moving car or motorcycle. The kit is packed in a custom-fitted protective case. To operate the light, the rear control panel has three buttons and an LED screen with different

ABOVE There are various accessories included, such as a gel holder for additional Rosco gel

ighting expert Rosco is set to shake up the market for small, pocket-sized LED lights,

yet pumps out 320 lux at 1m/39in. Its light output has CRI95+ and TLCI90+ ratings, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy. Each light comes with a complete set of beam-shaping accessories, including a flat diffuser panel, dome diffusion panel, plastic eggcrate grid and gel holder for additional Rosco gels or diffusers.

with its professional DMG Dash Pocket LED kit. It brings a huge spectrum of colours to a portable, handheld unit, using the same six-chip LED set found in all of the company’s larger Mix lights. As such, the Dash can recreate more than 130 colours that match Rosco’s famous colour gels. In addition, it displays white in all colour temperatures and hues, plus there’s colour matching to the most popular light sources. While many small LED panels are made of plastic, have dubious build quality and possess lighting that is anything but precise and matched between units, the DMG Dash is a solidly built piece of kit – weighing 367g/0.8lb, despite being housed in a rugged, all-weather aluminium body. The unit measures just 128x80x28mm/5x3.1x1.1in,

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