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Manufactured from 4mm, optically flat, scratch-resistant glass, and edged with a metal rim, the filters not only prevent focus shift, but are durable and long-lasting. Having been used on a number of major feature films and TV dramas, the ProGlass Cine range is already endorsed at the highest level in the movie industry. The filters are available in seven different densities (one to seven

The Lee Filters ProGlass Cine IRND range of neutral-density filters has been designed to meet the exacting needs of all cinematographers – whether shooting digitally or on film. They are remarkably neutral, eliminate infrared pollution and ensure all colours remain accurate and true. This simplifies workflow, saves time and enables cinematographers to focus on their creative goals.

LEFT Lee Filters ProGlass Cine IRND filters are known for durability – available in a range of strengths and sizes

stops) and in two sizes: 4x5.65in and 6.6x6.6in. Jonathan Jones, multi-Emmy award-winning DOP and creative director at Ember Films, says: “I love Lee’s ProGlass Cine IRND filters, because you can absolutely trust them. No matter what type of project you are making, the ability to have perfectly matched ND filters across all densities, with absolute colour rendition, means you don’t have to stress about filtration. It’s accurate at the point of capture and, for me, that is everything.”


buy is specific to the lens filter thread you want to use. The magnetic attachment makes these filters much easier to attach and detach, but we suggest getting the largest size and using Kase’s magnetic step rings for lenses that have smaller threads. Kase head of marketing, Matt Holland, says: “When it comes to controlling light and having an effective and quality product, the Kase Wolverine Magnetic circular filters are ranked some of the best for optical clarity and colour neutrality by many filmmakers. “These toughened filters are shatter resistant and should withstand a drop or two. Plus, the hydrophobic coating helps with wiping away any water on the lens.”

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filters are the newest addition to their filter line- up. Offering the same renowned quality and confidence as the Wolverine 100mm square filters, but in a much smaller form factor. The filters come in various sizes, with three kits of 77mm, 82mm and 95mm in the pr0-consumer range. The kit includes a magnetic ring, circular polariser and different strengths of fixed ND filters, from three to ten stops, with optional filters to add on, including UV, combination CPL+ND, or a 16-stop ND filter and magnetic filters for night or astronomy shooting. The filters thread on to your lens with the magnetic ring, and which size filter you

BELOW Kase Wolverine filters are easy to use, thanks to their magnetic attachments

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