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PRICE: £556



Epson Expression ET-7750 EcoTank

Epson is well known as one of the world’s leading inkjet printer makers, and the Expression ET-7750 EcoTank is one of its standout models. This is a three-in-one model so you get a scanner and copier in the same unit, and it’ll give you borderless prints up to A3 in size, as well as a huge variety of smaller formats, double-sided printing and specialist formats like greetings cards. Excellent print quality is provided by its five-ink system, which includes a black photo ink for rich, lab-quality results. The ET-7750’s ink tanks are placed at the front of the printers, so they’re easy to access and can be refilled, hence the Eco part of the name. They’re long-lasting, too, meaning you should be able to print up to 3400 10x15cm images from a full set. Genuine refills for the ET- 7750 cost around £12 for cyan, magenta, yellow and black, and £17 for photo black, but buy in a set and the cost for all five can be well under £60. Setup and control are very easy via the 2.7in LCD screen, and you can print via SD card, a USB connection or over Wi-Fi from laptops or mobile devices.

PRICE: £28.99 FOR 25 A4 SHEETS




Hahnemuhle’s Natural Line of fine-art inkjet papers are designed for first-class image quality as well as to save valuable resources and protect the environment. The series includes papers made from bamboo, hemp and agave, crops that grow rapidly without pesticides and require much less water than normal sources. Bamboo is a 290gsmpaper made of 90%bamboo fibres and 10%cotton, with a natural matte white finish and a soft, lightly textured feel; Hemp is a 290gsmpaper made from60% hemp fibre and 40%cotton, with a bright white tone and a silky, lightly textured surface with a matte finish. Finally, the Agave paper is also 290gsm in weight andmade from 70% agave fibre and 30%cotton, with a bright white natural tone and a soft, delicately defined matte surface texture that gives a pleasant, soft feel and the subject an arresting sense of depth. All of the papers are made without optical brightening agents and are acid and lignin free, somuseum quality with high age resistance, and compatible with pigment and dye inkjet systems. Each is available in 25-sheet packs in A4, A3, A3+ andA2 sizes, as well as rolls up to 50in wide. Hahnemühle Natural Line

PermaJet FB Pearl 300 One of the latest additions to Permajet’s excellent Fibre Based (FB) inkjet range, FB Pearl has a sumptuous pearl surface, with a similar feel to classic silver halide paper. The paper has an acid free alpha cellulose base with excellent fade resistance, and its coating technology allows for excellent tonal range, smooth gradations, crisp detail and high contrast, with rich blacks and bright, detailed highlights. Compatible with both dye and pigment- based inks, it can be used to make beautiful prints in both colour and monochrome, and

Fotospeed Platinum Baryta 300 Signature

Fotospeed’s Signature range is one of the best paper collections around, boasting a variety of top quality photo and fine-art media that provide great levels of detail, dynamic range and true-to-life colours.Whether you’re an experienced inkjet printer or just getting into this side of photography, PlatinumBaryta 300 is a great member of the Signature range to try.With a 100%acid free base, this fine-art paper has a smooth,

unglazed gloss surface, with a natural white look.The paper’smicro- porous ink receiving layer brings out the best in a variety of subjects, and though PlatinumBaryta 300 is well known as amonochrome paper, it’s perfectly at home with colour images, too. Detail is delicately and accurately rendered, and highlights and shadows show perfectly smooth gradations.Available in sheets of A4,A3,A3+ andA2, and Panoramic 210 x 594mm, it also comes in rolls up to 50in.

for a range of subjects. The paper’s sumptuous 300gsm weight makes it a great fit for prestige use, such as distinction panels and exhibitions where it will show off your work to its best. PermaJet FB Pearl 300 is available in 25-sheet packs of A4, A3, A3+ and A2, as well as 17in to 44in rolls, starting at £31.

DNP DS820 8in dye sub printer PRICE: £1165


high density output, while Standard ismore cost effective, but still high in print quality and feel. Prints are highly detailed with rich colour and smooth tones, and you can add a choice of finishes, with the printer applying a glossy,matte, finematte or lustre effect. Regular-sized prints pop out in about 30secs, and the cost of a print is as low as 47p for anA4.

For themost part, dye sub printers tend to produce smaller prints, but here’s an exception.The DNPDS820 uses big 8in rolls to produce prints up to 8x12in andA4 in size, as well as huge 8x32in. The DS820 supports two types of media: Pure PremiumDigital and Standard Digital.The former has higher gloss levels and a weightier

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