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K&F Concept UV filters K&F Concept produces a huge range of photo gear, including mount converters, tripods and photographic filters. The

B+W Circular Polariser MRC

A polarising filter is one of the essential options any photographer should have in their kit bag. Reducing reflections and improving colour saturation, they’re especially useful for landscape photography, where they take the sheen off foliage and water, and add depth to blue skies, but they can improve almost any picture style. B+W makes very high-quality circular polarising filters of a screw-on type and these range from 52mm to 77mm in size. The German- made filters have a strong brass mount to avoid them falling out of shape, and also include front filter threads for mounting other accessories, but are thin

company makes both screw-on and square filters as well as holders, and covers all the staples such as NDs, and circular polarisers. But we thought we’d highlight its excellent and affordable range of UV filters, which can be a great purchase, especially for protecting the front of the lens from scratches and impacts it’d otherwise suffer. With excellent optical quality coming from an 18-layer multi-coating and an ultra- thin design, K&F’s UV filters are double threaded, so you can stack another on the front, and they run from 37mm all the way up to 95mm, starting at only £14.79.

enough to be used with wide-angle lenses. For tip-top optical results, they use B+W’s MRC coating, and are also scratch-resistant and water-repellent for easier cleaning.



Marumi DHG Super Neutral Density filters

Cokin Nuances Clearsky range

Cokin produces a huge range of filter types and sizes, all of which you can expect to provide many years of happy picture taking. One of its latest additions is the Nuances Clearsky range, designed to reduce light pollution in night-time shots by specifically targeting and removing certain wavelengths of light. This makes them a great fit if you’re planning to do some low-light photography this winter or in the coming spring. Like Cokin’s other Nuances range, Clearsky filters minimise flare and ghosting, and have

to mount and remove. The design also features a front thread, allowing you to stack them up and multiply the effect. The range of sizes and strengths is impressive, with 67mm to 105mm fits, and strengths of ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, ND500, ND1000, ND4000 and a whopping ND32,000, equating to 15 stops, letting you get slower shutter speeds in even the brightest lighting conditions.

Neutral density (ND) filters, which help control the intensity of light, can be used in several forms, and for some applications, screwing a filter to your lens works better than using a holder. Marumi’s DHG Super NDs use high-quality glass so they don’t affect image sharpness, but they’re also tough, with a scratch-, water- and oil-repellent coating, and a thin but strong aluminium frame, making them easy

a scratch-, water- and oil-resistant coating, and they come in both screw-on circular versions that fit threads from 52mm to 95mm, as well as in 2mm thick square models covering Cokin’s M, L and XL formats.


Nisi V6 100mm filter holder kit

Nisi makes high-quality photo equipment and filters that are used by professional and enthusiast photographers across the globe. Its filter holders are well known for their build and practicality, and one of the latest models is the compact V6 holder, which is made from aviation-grade coated aluminium and takes up to three 100mm filters. Available alone, you can also buy this holder with an included circular polariser, which sits in a mount with the holder behind the 100mm square filters. The system is compatible with threads from 49mm to 95mm, and 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm rings are included in the kit. Despite taking three filters, the holder is claimed not to vignette, even on very wide- angle lenses like the Nikon Z 14-30mm f/4 S or Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM.

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