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“FOR NIKON NEWBIES, CONTROL LAYOUT AND MENU STRUCTURE WERE USER-FRIENDLY, WHILE EXISTING OWNERS FOUND A FAMILIARITY” If the Z 7 had a weakness, it was this single card slot, which proved expensive to support and had no backup alternative. WC and a firmware update let it accept CFexpress Type B cards. These are faster, have higher-capacity options and offer wider compatibility – this is what you ought to go for, should the budget allow.

menu structure were user-friendly, while existing Nikon owners found a welcoming familiarity. Indeed, I used the Z 7 and D850 DSLR side by side without any issues, and this included switching between the EVF and optical viewfinders. It’s a different experience, but not excessively so, and the 3.69-million-dot EVF gave a high-contrast, detail-packed image, with minimal smearing when panning around. As is the way with modern cameras, the Z 7 has benefitted from regular updates. Since v1.0, the last improvement was v3.40, and the Z 7 is fully compatible with the latest Z series lenses. But there are also benefits in AF, video performance and handling, such as saving focus position when the camera is switched off, together with cures for various bugs. The Z 7’s single card slot was XQD-compatible to start with,

STEADY ON THE STREET The Z 7 has a five-axis, sensor-shift in-body image stabilisation system with 5EV benefit. This scene was shot at ISO 200, with an exposure of 1/30sec at f/8

DIAL IT IN Handling of the Z 7 rates highly, with a control layout not too different from Nikon’s DSLRs, such as the D850

Summary If you’re tempted to go full-frame or want to transition to mirrorless from DSLR, the Nikon Z 7 is a camera with great

FIND A DEALER You can buy or sell imaging kit privately, but it saves time and effort if you deal through a retailer – and there’s added peace of mind. Only kit that’s to standard will be accepted in the first instance, then it is inspected, cleaned and even refurbished before being offered on sale – usually with a warranty. Each retailer will have its own process, but you’ll generally get a quote on kit you want to move on (whether in person or online). If you are happy, a courier will collect it from you, often at no extra cost. Upon receipt, the retailer checks over your items and you’ll get a confirmed quote, assuming it’s accepted. Confirm the quote and the cash will be in your bank account a few days later. Or, if you are going for a part-exchange deal, your new kit will be with you soon. Here’s a list of leading UK retailers offering used and part-exchange services. Several of the dealers have multiple outlets, so please check the websites for your nearest one – or for contact details of individual stores. potential. It might not have the AF skills and dual card slots of its current sibling, the Z 7II, but does boast the same imaging sensor and remains a seriously impressive, capable machine that handles nicely. You could pick up a Z 7 in very good condition for around £1750 to £1850 – a new Z 7II is £3099 or thereabouts. For that, you get a great-handling camera, 45.7 megapixels and a good foundation in the Nikon Z ecosystem.

SPEED KING The Z 7's 45.7-megapixel sensor has a top native ISO speed of 25,600 – even at this speed, image quality holds up well. Exposure here was 1/3200sec at f/8 and ISO 25,600

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