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POWER LIGHT The potent FS-300 AC LED Monolight makes pro lighting attainable – and easy to use

WORTH £399

a compact unit that effortlessly dissipates heat, allowing the fixture to perform at its peak for longer. A pro-grade fan enables the FS- 300 to operate at full power over sustained periods, without risk of overheating. The design also contributes to the feather-light feel, coming in at just 2.95kg. Featuring a Bowens-style light modifier mount and incorporating an umbrella holder into the yolk, the FS-300 is compatible with an array of light modifiers – including Nanlite’s impressive range of fresnels, softboxes and umbrellas. This makes it handy in numerous scenarios, allowing more creative

Nanlite has a worthy solution. The FS-300 Monolight is an AC-powered LED built for max output, while maintaining even light spread. A true, all-in-one monolight, the FS-300 possesses a reflector to emit 41,040 lux of 5600K daylight- balanced light at 1m. All while maintaining a high CRI of 96 and TLCI of 98, giving you accurate colour rendition across all visuals. Producing a smooth light spread, there are zero hotspots when using a softbox. The FS-300 is a fully integrated unit with in-body cooling. A combination of the control body, power adapter and lamp form

LIGHTING IS AN integral part of any visual set-up, so it is important to ensure you have the correct tools. Getting it just right is tricky, but

LIGHT FANTASTIC The FS-300 is a powerful, versatile LED for all scenarios

SPECS ›  Weight 2.95kg

Nanlite’s FS-300 AC LED Monolight is up for grabs as part of our colossal competition special. For more on how to enter, visit page 43 of this issue.

control over the light by adjusting colour or shape. Pre-programmed, customisable special effects make the FS-300 easy to navigate, especially in intimate lighting scenarios that can otherwise prove precarious. There are 11 practical lighting effects, like INT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, Candle, Firework and Explosion – a setting for any occasion.

›  Max power consumption 330W ›  Output (5600K) 24,797 lumens ›  Input voltage/current AC100-240v, 50/60Hz ›  Dimming 0-100% ›  Control Onboard controller, 2.4GHz Bluetooth



BACK TO PACK Shimoda’s Explore V2 25 Starter Kit is a must-have

WORTH £335

global flight guidelines, fitting neatly under an aeroplane seat. The luggage pass-through and base handles make it easy to carry two- handed, while lockable zips, hidden passport pocket and dual-access document sleeve provide security. Dual access points provide rear and side access to gear. The side zip is ideal for swift, under-the-arm entry, without completely moving the pack. Anti-theft is a priority, with rear opening allowing unobstructed access to the main camera compartment, whilst also keeping the straps moving off the ground. Three lockable zips – you’ll need an additional lock – are placed to protect exposed points on your back, and YKK splashguard zips are water resistant for main compartments.

Moving a full bag can be tricky, particularly when you’ve set up a shot and want to move just a few feet. Without having to zip up the whole bag, Shimoda has added handles at the top and bottom, designed for users to carry horizontally for a few feet between locations. As the smallest adventure pack in its series, the adjustable torso height offers three options – there’s around 7.5cm of vertical modification. The belt has Velcro to simplify the wearing experience and can be removed when not required. The Explore V2 25 Starter Kit includes a small, mirrorless core unit, providing shockproof protection for mirrorless SLR and DSLR cameras, along with lenses

DESIGNED TO BE carry-on compatible with a transit-friendly form, Shimoda built this starter kit as the perfect travel companion. The Explore V2 25 water-resistant camera backpack meets the strictest

SPECS ›  Weight 2.06kg ›  Outside dimensions (wxhxd) 27x46.5x17cm ›  Inside dimensions (wxhxd) 26x45.5x16cm ›  Laptop sleeve dimensions (wxhxd) 22.5x32x2cm ›  Access points Top, rear and side access

and other accessories. Heavy-duty base material is thicker than the shell, and it’s water resistant, with holes to drain liquid and prevent steam building in the inner pocket. Its design means accessing equipment is easy, with the same orientation between pockets and rear panel. The bag won’t flip or rock – so no risk of kit escaping. Don't take our word for it. Try this ergonomic Shimoda Starter Kit on

for size by taking part in our huge prize giveaway. You can win one now – just go to page 43 and enter.


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