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Going under cover Photo kit is expensive. The more you shoot, the greater chance of damage, theft or worse – protect yourself with the best camera insurance around…

item, only to find replacing a lens costs twice or three times that. It’s tempting to add a lower value to bring the premium down, but remember to insure for the full replacement cost, or you could be caught out. When insuring, it’s also best to nail down the specifics. Read the terms and conditions closely, to see if you need to submit a detailed kit list. Check whether your gear is insured for the stated original value or the actual value, which is lower, and whether you’re covered overseas. The other form to consider is liability, both in a professional context and to cover potential accidents that can arise from your activities. If you’re planning on working, you should have both, to offer protection from being sued. You may need to defend yourself. Let’s check out a few trusted names in the insurance game.

AS A PHOTOGRAPHER working full-time, part-time, or just making pictures in your spare hours, insurance is something you need to carefully consider. There are many reasons for this. Household or regular travel insurance probably won’t touch the sides when claiming for an expensive lens or body. What’s more, insuring against loss, theft and accidental damage can be contingent on how and where you’re using the gear. Home insurance may not cover you when out of the house, even on a day trip, and certainly not abroad. A paid job could also be excluded, as you’re working. You wouldn’t expect car insurance to cover delivering pizzas, when all you’ve paid for is social and commuting. Many photographers have also come unstuck when their policy is capped at something like £1000 per

The Insurance Emporium › › 03300 244 005 Voted best insurance provider at 2022’s Photography News Awards, The Insurance Emporium is so easy to deal with. There’s protection for everyone, from amateurs to full-time pros, and you’ll find cover for theft, loss or accidental damage. Items stolen from unattended vehicles are accounted for, and 100% of

the sum is insured as standard. All types of equipment are covered under a single package, so whether you’re unlucky enough to claim for a lens, flash, tripod or the camera itself, you won’t find any nasty surprises. Public liability insurance, worldwide cover for up to 240 days a year and tailored plans are all available.

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