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PN: How do readers order a copy of the book? DN: #ShareMondays2021 is available on Amazon, along with #ShareMondays2020 and #ShareMondays2019. The trio are soft-touch covers, with around 54 pages for only £5.22. The previous two years can be found on Blurb, but are a little more expensive. PN: What are your future aspirations for ShareMondays? DN: As long as there’s interest in the whole thing, I will happily keep the books coming. It would be great to get the work of these photographers out further. Perhaps an exhibition of some sort would enable that, but I may need to seek additional help in order to bring it to fruition. So, for now, I’ll be happy to just keep this ticking along nicely.

PN: How can Photography News readers get involved? DN: Simply pick your favourite image from the previous seven days and post it on Twitter on a Monday, along with the hashtag #ShareMondays2022. The previous winner will look through everything over the following day or two, usually posting a longlist, then top four, and finally their winner for the week – in turn passing the baton of judging on. PN: You must be delighted with the ShareMondays 2021 book. Did you expect such impressive work? DN: The creativity on Twitter, which is still a vibrant community, is always impressive. This has been the case from the beginning, and 2021 was no different. A wonderfully diverse collection by 40 very contrasting photographers – from amateur to professional – was produced.


To find out more about ShareMondays, check out its website, where you can enjoy the winning images. Get the ShareMondays 2021 book from Amazon, on The 2019 and 2020 books are also available.

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Embracing the subjectivity that comes with judging images, each winner gets to pick the next

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