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With cabin fever setting in during lockdown, a group of proactive snappers took to the streets to challenge themselves – and document our times. What started as a small project soon caught the imagination of hundreds of fellow photographers. Founder Jovis Leigh Howieson takes up the story Scenes from a pandemic

IN OCTOBER 2020, when the UK entered a second Covid-19 lockdown, 11 enthusiasts united to start a street photography project. Initially collaborating online, they used the book 52 Assignments: Street Photography as inspiration. Making it their mission to complete all the assignments over 12 months, the group had the ambitious aim of producing their own book and exhibition at the conclusion, to showcase the achievement. The photographers were mixed ability – from beginner to very experienced. But most had been students of Brian Lloyd Duckett’s StreetSnappers workshops, so it seemed only natural to use his work as an influence. They found the publication accessible and easy to follow, no matter what stage of their photographic journey. It provided a clear and focused brief, with tips, techniques and guidance – supporting all to continue learning and developing as image makers. Adhering to harsh lockdown restrictions meant shooting was a challenge, certainly to begin with, but these gradually eased. However, the whole team was fully committed,

BE READY Successful street shooting means staying focused as you walk around – and with the camera poised and used designated ‘exercise time’ to hit the streets. Word soon got around, and photographers from all over the world asked if they could join the project. It was very apparent to the core group that this initiative benefitted them in several ways during lockdowns. Most importantly, it supported their physical and mental health. In the spirit of sharing, they agreed to open the group to anyone who wanted to connect. The project quickly grew to almost 400 members on the Facebook group, with over 1000 followers on Instagram – and it was free to participate.

“Word got around... photographers from all over the world asked if they could join the project”

WAIT FOR IT... The right figure is crucial for great shots, so be prepared to invest time in your street work

BALANCING ACT Compositions with plenty for the eye to feast on will hold a viewer’s attention, but there’s a fine line between a complex shot and a messy one

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