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THE OBVIOUS UPSHOT of innovation within the film industry is the inevitable revolution in workflow. In its infancy, though, getting on board with the cutting edge can be a challenge. Finding a single service with everything you need in one place is something special indeed. One such innovation is post-production in the cloud, which saw its popularity catapult during the Covid-19 pandemic – primarily due to its facilitation of remote collaboration. Now that studios are returning to normal, employees and employers alike are eager to avoid a complete rollback, and it looks as though the virtual approach is here to stay. Why? In short, efficiency is improved when various elements of production can happen at once, bringing production time and costs down. Security also sees benefits, with sensitive content stored remotely rather than on a local workstation. The requirement for up-front investment in powerful PCs and servers is eliminated in many cases, with cloud services budgeted as operational costs. As far as those with a complete cloud-based service are concerned, Scan is ahead of the game. To provide a full package, Scan 3XS Systems are multifaceted. You can leverage virtualised GPU solutions to gain high performance

when working in industry-standard editing platforms, without the requirement for advanced editing workstations themselves. Demanding graphics are rendered on an off-site server, rather than the machines in your studio. The utilisation of NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation software is another key aspect in the production environment. Remote access to huge files produced by high resolutions and sizeable bit rates has been a challenge in the past, but Scan ensures it’s no longer a concern with GPU acceleration. The resulting performance improvements are enough to handle the “Scan’s services are bespoke and scalable if more support is needed in the future”

most demanding workflows – two 8K monitors simultaneously, for example. Ensuring peak usability is the role of NVIDIA Virtual PC and Virtual Apps. The interface experience is almost indistinguishable from the native PC, even when used across a number of virtualised users simultaneously. Your specific demands will dictate the type of 3XS server hardware required, but Scan’s services are bespoke and scalable if more support is needed in the future. The team is on hand, and trusted as an NVIDIA Preferred Virtualisation partner; when you need support, you needn’t look elsewhere. While all you require to benefit from cloud-based post-production is an internet connection, the workflow can be optimised with the right hardware. Once again, Scan can advise; a range of 3XS Pro Video Workstations are available, professionally built with the film industry in mind – and backed by a three-year warranty. For even greater convenience, a wide range of accessories are on the Scan website – from editing keyboards and work surfaces, to quality monitors, video software and more. Experience the future of post-production for yourself, today.

ON DEMAND Scan’s team is here to help. As a Preferred Virtualisation partner of NVIDIA, you can always trust its advice

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