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Specification Red V-Raptor

SENSOR SIZE 40.96x21.6mm



CODEC Redcode Raw

COLOUR MANAGEMENT Image Processing Pipeline 2 (IPP2)

“It is worth recording in 8K, even if you know distribution will only ever be 1080p,” says Yates. “Sitting in a grading suite, there’s a clear difference between the same good sensor recording a higher resolution, compared to a lower one. You might not see that at home, but you will see the better results that come from downsampling. “We’re only really now at the point where 4K is making its way into the living room, whereas we’ve had 4K cameras for a long time. When they were new, those 4K cameras existed to get the best 1080p image possible. In addition to the downsample, you could crop significantly, aiding aspects of VFX and much more.

process is so good. You get a wide dynamic range because the noise floor is so much lower, and while the detail isn’t quite as good, it’s remarkably close. So, you’re getting all the benefits of it being an 8K camera, without having to deal with the 8K file sizes.” It’s easy to overlook these more nuanced details, especially when not making the proper disconnect between acquisition resolution and delivery resolution. One continued argument of 8K dissenters is a lack of advanced displays. Even when they are present, whether or not a viewer could discern between 4K and 8K in an at-home setting is very much up for debate.

“Now, to get those same benefits with 4K delivery, we can’t be shooting in 4K. We’ve got to be shooting something bigger. And, put simply, 6K doesn’t give you as much as 8K.” It’s also important to specify that 8K is such a varied offering. It’s certainly no guarantee of a quality image, and we need look no further than existing technology for evidence. There are countless consumer mirrorless cameras capable of 8K recording, and even smartphones – like the Samsung Galaxy S20 – can capture footage that far exceeds their ability to display it at the same resolution. On the other hand, certain popular cinema cameras still in use to this day can barely exceed Full HD. “There are huge capability differences between one 8K camera and another, in terms of dynamic range, colour and the detail itself,” explains Yates. ”It’s a result of the pixels on the sensor, but also the camera’s processing pipeline. You have to look at what format “We’re only really now at the point where 4K is making its way into the living room”

WAITING GAME With release scheduled for 2022, we’ll likely have to be patient before we see V-Raptor footage on a studio production

VERSATILITY The Kinefinity Mavo Edge’s 8K capabilities are primarily there to facilitate a better 4K image


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