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ABOVE Szeliga says the impact of mixed crews cannot be underestimated – not only for the production team, but for those in front of the camera

either at CVP’s Creative Space, or a rental house of their choosing. First AC Laura Dinnett was an attendee at last year’s geared and remote head workshop. “It was absolutely invaluable for crew who want to get more hands-on experience with a geared head,” she says. “We managed to sneak a bit of time on set, but to be talked through it step-by- step, and spend the day practising, is extremely useful moving forward. It’s certain to bring progress in the camera department. Plus, it’s a safe place to ask high-flying industry professionals key questions, equipping yourself with further knowledge and skills. I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

make it work. We need industry bodies to begin to challenge the existence of all-male departments.” As such, Szeliga’s message extends to those in hiring positions. “Whether you’re a DOP in need of an operator, an operator in need of a focus puller, or a focus puller requiring a loader, please remember that women are available. By considering them for the job, you form part of the solution.” It’s certainly true that we must all work together, as even with best intentions and greatest efforts, our industry cannot achieve a balanced and diverse camera department without everyone on side. “A mixed team functions better overall, creating a positive experience for crew members – not to mention those appearing in front of the camera,” explains Szeliga. The Covid-19 pandemic has obviously thrown a spanner in the works of WBTC’s more hands-on workshops over the past year or so, but the organisation has continued to support its community.

It frequently hosts webinars, allowing members to discuss their roles and experiences. One webinar even hosted the director of The Handmaid’s Tale and DOP of I Think We’re Alone Now and Meadowland – the legendary Reed Morano. The organisation was thrilled to welcome the award-winning filmmaker, who provided attendees with plenty of inspiration. “For fun, we also managed to organise a socially distanced picnic between last year’s lockdown periods,” adds Szeliga. “This was attended by 25 women. More recently, one of our members, second AC Josy Thieme, organised a Zoom workshop for female and BAME trainees – that event lasted more than four hours!” When the pandemic dust has settled, and it’s safe to have a big gathering of people, WBTC hopes to organise another geared and remote head workshop, in conjunction with CVP. The aim is to encourage women to start using wheels and keep practising in their own time,

CVP is home to a full spectrum of production equipment that’s ready to see, combine and evaluate. Its creative and technical staff are committed to finding the right solution for every production need. To arrange an online demo, or book a one-to-one consultation, call 020 8380 7400 or visit

ALEXANDRA MEDEVILLE SECOND AC “WBTC has offered so much emotional support, connecting me with other women who are also facing the same industry issues. It certainly makes you feel less alone. I also loved all the webinars over the past year, while I was at home feeling lonely and demotivated.”

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