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Sigma prices confirmed

Sigma recently announced a variety of lenses and we covered them in detail in the last issue but at that time UK prices had to be confirmed, so here is confirmation. The 70-200mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Sports (shown

here) will be £1349.99 with Canon EF and Sigma SA fit available in December and Nikon F following on in early 2019. The 40mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art is priced at £1099.99 with Sigma, Canon and Nikon fits available

this November and Sony fit following in January 2019. Finally, the 56mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary in Sony E and MFT is priced at £399.99

Marumi’s magnetic attraction

Tokina’s newOpera series sees the introduction of its 50mm f/1.4, a high-spec autofocus standard lens is available in Canon EF and Nikon F. The lens’s advanced optical construction features three SD (Super-Low Dispersion) and one aspherical element to combat chromatic aberration and help deliver edge-to-edge sharpness at all apertures, while a nine-blade diaphragm gives a round iris for smooth bokeh. Optimum performance is possible thanks to Tokina’s ELR (Extremely Low Reflection) coating to help ensure maximum light transmission and avoid ghosting and flare in strong lighting situations. Autofocusisswiftandnear- silent thanks to its ultrasonic, ring-shaped motor, and the lens’s dust- and weather- resistant sealing helps to keep the lens performing at its best in arduous situations. The Tokina Opera 50mm f/1.4 full-frame lens is available now and priced at £899.99. Tokina in tune

Marumi’s new 100mm magnetic filter system has the potential to save time and space in your bag. At the system’s heart, the M100 Magnetic Filter holder is very slim which makes it suitable for use with lenses as wide at 16mm and the basic kit comes with three lens adapter rings, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm. To use the holder on smaller lenses needs step-up rings which are readily available at low cost.

The and 150x100mm glass filters are fitted with magnetic frames. Magnetism simply takes over when offered to the filter holder and the filters attach securely in place yet, in the case of the graduate filters, can be quickly moved up and down to suit the shot. The first filter can be locked in position which is useful when using extreme NDs and grad filters together, so the grad filter is 100x100mm

Above TheMarumi’s very thin holder won’t vignette withwide lenses.

free to be moved. With extreme ND filters, foam gaskets on the holder avoids light seepage. The system brings the ability to use a polariser in tandem with other filters thanks to ingenious design. The adapter ring has another ring with a serrated edge incorporated into it and it ’ s this that the polariser is screwed onto. Once the filter holder is positioned on to the adapter ring, the serrated edged meshes with a small drive wheel which when operated adjusts the polariser’s orientation. Lexar has announced two new storage accessories. Lexar’s 512GB microSDXC 633x UHS-1 card is the largest capacity cardof its format tomeet the Application Performance (A2) requirements. The 633x speed allows data transfer at 100MB/s. This card costs £230. The Lexar JumpDrive F35 is one of the fastest andmost secure USB 3.0 drives around. It uses fingerprint authentication taking under one second to analyse the print and allow access to the drive’s contents. The F35 can save up to ten fingerprint IDs, and it’s easy to set up without needinsoftware. Transfer speeds

Marumi filters use top class glass for high image quality and have coatings to combat flare and repel water and grease. A range of NDs and grads (normal and reverse) is available. The M100 filter holder costs £125.94, 100x100mm filters cost £179.94 each, 150x100mm grads cost £199.98 and the circular polariser is £114.96. There’s a test of Marumi’s new magnetic system in First Tests in this issue.

Laowa gowide Lexar storage

Laowa’s latest lens is a 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 and designed for full- frame Sony FE cameras; it’s the widest lens currently available for that system. There are no electronic c o n n e c t i o n s which means

this lens measures just over 9cm in length and weighs just 496g. Thelensfeaturesa14-elements- in-10-groups construction with one extra-low dispersion and two aspherical elements to help deliver a good performance. Its

wide view makes filter use tricky but there is a rear filter slot for 37mm filters and there is an optional filter holder for 100mm filters. The 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6’s guide price is £899.

this lens can also be used on Sony APS-C format cameras giving a 15-27mm equivalent focal length range. Its modest maximum aperture helps keep size and weight down and

are up to 150MB/s and sizes from 32GB to 250GB are available. The 32GB version costs £26.

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