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Gear of the year The Photography News Awards 2018 It’s time for you to recognise brilliant products and outstanding service in our annual awards. Your votes will decide the winners, so please check through our nominations and pick the products and services that you think deserve the ultimate accolade

You can take photographs with a pinhole in a biscuit tin, but the fact is the vast majority of us use digital cameras fitted with great lenses, often on a tripod, and we carry our kit around in a nice bag. When we get home we look at our shots on shiny monitors, edit in powerful software and then print on nice paper through photo-quality printers. The long and the short of it is that we need great quality kit – and that’s the motivation for our awards: to recognise great quality kit.

We’ve key categories and then you get the chance to pick what you think deserves to win. Voting is done online and it’s free – you don’t even have to register to vote. The only categories where we haven’t done any shortlisting are in the service categories, such as Best Retailer – in those you nominate who you think deserves to win. (Where there may be more than one store, please nominate the name of the store group and the individual shop, please.) shortlisted products in

To vote go to, follow the Awards link and complete the voting form. You can vote in every category, but if you prefer to vote for just a few categories that is perfectly fine, too. It’s entirely up to you.

Closing date for votes is 22 February 2019

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