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NAB ENTERS THE DEVOPS ZONE his year’s NAB revealed an industry holding steady. There were few splashy innovations, but lots of diligent upgrading of existing tech Words by Neal Romanek

pectacular tech showstoppers were at a minimum during this year’s NAB. Continuing with the trend from last year, the

emphasis seemed to be on how to develop and leverage existing technologies rather than highlighting new ones. There was some background noise about the new technologies just around the corner – such as blockchain – but talk remained cautiously speculative. The sense was that, as streaming and cloud- based broadcast becomes the norm, companies already have their hands full with getting their tech up to speed and developing relationships with new partners. It’s the time to dig in and perfect what you have, not to start going out on new limbs. Artificial intelligence was still in the speculative spot last year, but this year saw some solid applications across a good variety of use cases. Despite the excited conversations that usually go along with all things machine learning, the NAB AI conversation still appeared to strive for that same sense of practical application that pervaded most of the show. AI product offerings largely centred around automated clipping, asset management and content recommendation, use cases that are already establishing a solid track record. The infiltration of cloud into every stage of content creation was also becoming more obvious with, again, steady iterative progress made over the last year. We are

TECHNOLOGY ON SHOW This year’s NAB show started to see some good, practical applications for innovative tech on display. AI and machine learning especially seemed to hit their stride.

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