FEED Issue 15


ortable file-based recorders and players have revolutionised how footage can be moved more efficiently from production to

editorial, and even streaming delivery. By capturing media directly to removable media, it is ready for immediate use in most NLE applications and for placement with OTT services. AJA Video Systems is introducing the Ki Pro GO, a $3995 US MSRP multichannel file recorder that’s targeted at the AV market – but with support for several multichannel HD and SD video recording/playback configurations, it’s bound to find a place in other corners of the industry as well. Whereas AJA’s existing Ki Pro Ultra Plus handles Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHR, MXF or DNxHD files, the new entrant is H.264 all the way. The higher end ProRes codecs, of course, give pretty low compression and, therefore, great-looking files, but they can also be too data heavy for many tasks, which is where H.264 comes in. AJA gained insight into this demand as it watched adoption of its HELO H.264 streaming and recording device grow very rapidly. Bryce Button, AJA’s director of product marketing, explains: “When we introduced HELO in 2017, we knew the ProAV market would be competitive, and having an H.264 recorder was not particularly unique. But the ability of the HELO to stream at very low latency made it hugely popular and, subsequently, among the most searched for items on our website. It’s since been certified by AWS for streaming workflow compatibility.” INSTANTLY SHAREABLE What intrigued the manufacturer most though, was interest from live event broadcasters keen to have an instantly shareable H.264 file – the reasons for which are myriad. “I was a bit surprised at NAB Show to see how much interest we saw from sports broadcasters in H.264, but there’s a real demand,” says Button. “Often, after a live match, coaches of the participant teams reach out to the broadcaster to request a copy of the coverage. The quickest, most practical solution is to hand them a H.264 file they can then take away and start reviewing.” Turns out the request isn’t unique to sports. AJA supports a lot of music tours around the world, and when bands come

AJA Video Systems’ Ki Pro GO aims to enable pass out, share around and handout media

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