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the site’s community of users. Hawkins tells us that XHamster is currently investing a substantial amount into search engine technology, to attract more users and to serve existing ones. To assist with these search functions two years ago the site began integrating AI and machine learning(ML) into its video platform – claiming to be one of the first adult players to adopt these new technologies. According to Hawkins, the company has now analysed all the video content currently available on its platform, and machine learning has been integrated with anti-spam filters and content tagging, enabling users to search for specific talent within videos. “We’re also using ML to help users find models and suggest others who are similar in appearance,” Hawkins adds. Other features include a recommendation engine, which allows users to create their own ‘Spotify of porn’ by analysing user preferences and suggesting related content. PRIVACY From malware attacks to data breeches,


adult sites have come under fire for not being safe, but XHamster claims to prioritise the security and privacy of its users. It was the first adult market player to make the move to HTTPS protocol, to prevent third parties from accessing user data and security questions and from seeing which pages were visited. Hawkins says that the company constantly tests the website internally and, from time to time, employs hacking- powered security platforms to stay protected. The firm is also proud of its safe surfing feature, which it developed to safeguard user privacy. The platform’s ‘night mode’ allows users to switch to a low-light black background to more comfortably watch content in the dark. “XHamster fans deserve privacy when

they’re watching, uploading or chatting and we know most of our users visit the site late at night,” Hawkins explains. DATA AND COMPLIANCE Hawkins stresses that XHamster neither requests nor stores private data, and users only need an email to register. Data is gathered and analysed however – the site launched a data centre two years ago – but it is usually done via user surveys with full cooperation from its community. Recent surveys have included a Digital Sexuality Report which compiled data on users’ age, gender, sexuality, relationship status, political views and viewing habits with the aim of “understanding who watches what and why”. Hamster’s social community of over 11,000 users completed

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