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RECOMMENDED KIT The kit recommended to accompany the Red Monstro from the experts at CVP

WOODEN CAMERA REVOLVA TOP PLATE The Revolva Pass Through Top Plate (DSMC2) has all same features as the Pass Through EASYRIG VARIO 5 SYSTEM The Vario 5 system is a versatile rig vest that redistributes the load to the hips, allowing you to shoot handheld in comfort for longer periods of time. BEBOB V98MICRO The extremely compact V98micro is designed to be strong, reliable, and versatile, with a unique rainproof Bebob Twist DTaP plug.

Top Plate, but adds a small cut-out on the front to make it compatible with the KipperTie Revolva.

SMALLHD CINE 7 500 RX The Cine 7 is a top-of-the-line professional 7in monitor with Red camera control, Teradek RT overlay integration and Teradek wireless video technology.


Discover key components from the CVP camera kit, including an optical-low pass filter and a camera housing

LEITZ THALIA These lightweight primes offer a consistent look and feel throughout the set, an iris design that maintains a circular iris though all aperture stops and an image circle that covers up to the Arri Alexa 65. KIPPERTIE REVOLVA Available in EF and PL mount versions, the Revolva is a rotating ND filter wheel for DSMC2 Red cameras. The system contains four Full Spectrum Neutral Density filters ranging from clear to 2.1. DSCM2 SIDE HANDLE Designed for ergonomic handheld configuration, the Red DSMC2 Side Handle gives users quick access to camera controls through the navigation wheels, D-pad and four customisable camera parameter buttons.

BUILD YOUR PERFECT KIT AT CVP NEWMAN STREET CVP’s flagship showroom is home to a full spectrum of production equipment ready to see, combine and evaluate. Visitors are supported by creative and technical staff who are committed to finding the right solution for every production need. To arrange a visit to the Newman Street showroom in London, call 020 8380 7400 or visit


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