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IMAGES The camera’s Fast Hybrid Autofocus tracked the subject perfectly as he approached

value the improved colour science, vastly better low-light performance and the changes to the ergonomics and added buttons that make changing certain settings much faster and – of course – the ‘full- frame look’. It’s also worth bearing in mind that promised firmware will offer 4K Super 35 100fps, among other resolutions, and frame rate improvements, so the camera’s current off-speed limitations will hopefully be lifted. One thing is for sure: it’s a great time to pick up a used FS7 and throw a speed booster on it as a cheaper option, providing you can live with its more fiddly controls, and much weaker colour science and low-light performance. The FS7 still remains a solid option. But personally I’d choose the FX9 over it all day, every day. The colour science is fantastic and I much prefer the useability. Everything about the FX9 feels nicer and while its images don’t put the same smile on my face that shooting on something like an Alexa Mini, they certainly leave me a lot more satisfied than any image I’ve produced using an FS7. My take is, if you are an FS7 user and can afford to upgrade, then you should at the very least consider it. The Sony FX9 does everything the FS7 does, just better. It still gives you relatively small but high-quality files that are great for documentary shooting, it has fantastic audio controls, great built-in ND filters and it is capable of producing much nicer-looking footage. The FX9 is one of Sony’s best offerings for years – perhaps since the original FS7.

mount and the support are solidly built and the mount locked into the camera nicely. It felt very solid and its locking ring felt smooth but sturdy and, with the added support, I’d have no hesitation to use some of the heavier PL zoom lenses on the FX9 with this mount. WORTH THE UPGRADE? So overall, is the FX9 a worthy successor to the FS7, which is one of the bestselling Super 35 cameras in history? Is it worth upgrading? That really depends on how much you

five-point attachment to the camera. This baseplate then slides into the shoulder pad and locks into place very securely. Vocas also supplied its viewfinder bracket kit, wooden handgrip and top cheese plate. The viewfinder bracket is sturdy and well built. I much prefer this to the standard FX9 viewfinder mount, as it provides a sturdier attachment, but also more adjustability and I could get the screen a more comfortable distance from my face easily. Both the handgrip and cheese plate work very well – the cheese plate fits comfortably around the FX9’s standard top handle and provides a wealth of threaded attachment points. I’m a big fan of wooden handgrips generally, with this one from Vocas being nicely sized and very comfortable. Last, let’s talk about the PL mount, which came with a 15mm rod support bracket designed for use with heavier lenses. Both the “THE COLOUR SCIENCE IS FANTASTIC AND I MUCH PREFER THE USEABILITY”

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