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The Samsung Portable SSD X5 was the perfect choice when Emmy-award winning film company Ember needed to produce some new car-based content FAST DOWNLOADS FOR FAST FOOTAGE

Ember was shooting high frame rates at very high resolutions and needed to dump footage at regular intervals so the editor could check what they had already captured and the DIT could check for data errors. Creative director Jonathan Jones describes what the team needed to achieve and how they captured it. “Directors always want to keep high-speed vehicles filming as long as possible to get that special shot, and the relationship between the tracking vehicle and the shot car is paramount to get the coverage you need. That’s fine, but with such speed you need to be able to check you’re getting footage that can be cut together as you’ve planned for from the storyboards. Also it’s good to give the drivers a rest occasionally so they can talk through some new angles. “With the Samsung Portable SSD X5 we had a plan to return our coverage to the edit room for checking as soon as possible and

EMBER IS A fully fledged production company working internationally for major brands and broadcasters, including big names in entertainment and tech. It has recently shot a fast-moving promotional piece for one of its corporate customers that needed a chase vehicle shooting a speeding sports car on a track. The captured footage needed to be edited as soon as possible, while the car was still being tracked and shot at high speeds; if they had to stop filming they wanted it to be as short a break as possible. With the shots you get from car tracking there are always the traditional shots you want and strive for – like a car’s smoking tyres as the vehicle accelerates, or beautiful slow-motion footage of a car going sideways around a corner – but there are also the ‘happy accident’ shots that can help you nail the shooting day and give you something special. Ember was looking for all of these, in the highest quality possible.

keep the vehicles running,” Jones continues. “Amazingly, it turned out that we could edit off the portable drive with no detriment to the production time. The Samsung Portable SSD X5 is an achingly fast drive with a near 2GB/s transfer speed, so we planned to film in 20-minute segments and then transfer the camera media on to the portable drive,

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