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Mandy Walker on the set of Mulan


W hat a great picture of Mandy Walker, above, striking a classic DOP pose with her Arri Alexa 65 camera – and what we think is a Canon telephoto lens with a Panavised lens mount. But it was another Mulan lens package that we found more interesting, with origins hundreds of years old. Sounds similar to the fable of Hua Mulan herself... Arri Rental fulfils its promise of more custom-made glass by producing new DNA optics, with what it’s calling T types. These are based on very early 20th century optical designs and performance, similar to the early Voigtländer-Petzval objective lens of the late 1800s. They create a strong centre-punch area of focus, and more extreme focus fall-off and focus aberration towards the edge of frame, which is exaggerated on an Alexa 65 sensor due to sensor size and lens image circle. Focussing on the centre of the frame was exactly what Walker and Disney wanted. The Mouse House wanted Mulan to dominate the minds of the movie audience, even in the battle scenes, so actor Liu Yifei was encouraged to complete a lot of the stunts herself, to keep her presence in the scene and the lens firmly on her.

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