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Creamsource is the current cream of the crop in the lighting world and one to watch at the NAB Show. Starting in 2004, the company has come a long way from building an industry-first, large-scale and high-powered LED installation for the movie, Happy Feet . In 2020, Creamsource can boast lighting some big and notable names in Hollywood. Earlier this year, we looked at how the Creamsource Micro bi-colour was used for Le Mans ’66 in effectively dealing with the brightness of a Californian set. The light was also used in the film, Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn . At NAB Show, Creamsource is presenting its first-ever smart lighting platform. Creamsource claims it will be the first cellular radio lighting platform for unprecedented connectivity potential – more details of which will be announced soon.


The film and television worlds are not unfamiliar with Bebob batteries, having energised our industry’s cameras for more than 25 years. With this in mind, the news of a collaboration between the established German battery supplier and industry staple Arri was most welcome. The growth in power consumption by new cameras and lights was something that required a partnership of knowledge and expertise to resolve, and so, the B-Mount was born. The B-Mount is a new battery mount that has been built to sufficiently power today’s equipment, while also possessing the flexibility The new batteries provide 24-volt high power, but also boast multi-voltage use (12 volts and 24 volts). In other words, this new B-Mount system makes it possible to power every device on-set entirely on its own. required and expected when powering modern-day production equipment. Dejero returns to the NAB Show with its latest contribution, distribution and connectivity solutions. Highlights include an enhanced EnGo mobile transmitter, new smaller CuePoint return feed server and a new WayPoint receiver, in addition to its WayPoint 204 that supports SMPTE ST2110 workflows. The new EnGo 260 is at NAB for the first time and features Dejero’s double Emmy award- winning Smart Blending and Hybrid Encoding technologies. The 5G-ready mobile transmitter now weighs 30% less, features a screen that is 85% larger and includes a three-hour internal rechargeable battery and global modems for simplified international travel. A new smaller CuePoint 50 is also being unveiled. It simplifies talent cueing, production and confidence monitoring, and real-time teleprompting in the field, with as little as 250 milliseconds’ latency. Up to eight return video and teleprompting feeds from the facility can be seen in the field by the talent on a tablet or monitor next to the camera, or on multiple mobile devices. DEJERO


NBCUniversal company, Cineo Lighting, is a don’t miss this year. After gradually expanding its presence in the UK and Europe in the past few years, its lighting solutions have become far more accessible for the film, television and broadcast industries. This year, Cineo is showcasing its LightBlade Edge series. This series presents versatile production lighting systems, featuring reference-quality tunable white light, combined with a rec. 2020 saturated colour system. The USP of the series is the individual blades. Measuring at 24in or 48in wide by 2.5in deep, the individual LightBlades bring versatility and a low-profile footprint that can discreetly light the darkest corners of your sets. Each LightBlade boasts the ability to operate as a stand- alone fixture, with internal AC power supply, control electronics with DMX and local control. The pairing of crisp white light with full-gamut saturated colour technology, means an individual LightBlade can deliver up to 5000 lumens at an 80-watt power draw. Both 24in and 48in LightBlades are some of the most powerful linear lighting engines on the market. Offering a unique modular design, the LightBlades are integrated into the mounting system to create the LightBlade 160 (two- blade) and LightBlade 320 (four-blade) fixtures, delivering 10,000 or 20,000 lumens.

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