Cambridge Edition February 2019


GET ON BOARD DR AGON BOAT FEST I VAL Now’s the time to gather together your team for the Cambridge Dragon Boat Festival 2019: a fun-packed day of river racing all in aid of a great cause. This year’s event will take place on Saturday 7 September on a stretch of the River Cam out at Fen Ditton, and more than 40 teams are expected to compete over the 200m race course, watched by hundreds of spectators. Up to ten people paddle each boat with a drummer at the front beating time and a helm at the tail steering a straight course. No previous experience is required, just plenty of team spirit!

The club night for the not-so-nocturnal returns this month for a cocktail-and-cake-filled tenth birthday bash at La Raza on 15 February. The event was founded by Alex Ruczaj and Nick Welsh, who wanted to create an event especially for an older crowd who still love to go out dancing. “It started as a random idea of wanting to go out ourselves. I tried a couple of normal clubs, but found them empty at 10pm. With young kids at home, I had to be leaving just when these places were getting going, not to mention we were at least a decade older than most of the other clubbers and felt very out of place,” commented Alex. “I started to think there was a market for a club night that started early and finished early. Just shifting everything up a few hours – either for parents or for older professionals, anyone that would rather be in bed by midnight, but still wanted to party!” ENC was born: a fun party which starts early and finishes early, and always has a packed dancefloor. It’s definitely captured people’s imagination, with each event swiftly selling out. “There is a real buzz about the event, a real excitement amongst the punters. It has become far more than a night out. I would go as far as to say that it is a lifeline for many people – a release from the drudgeries of life, a chance to reconnect with who you once were, who you really are – and just let go on the dance floor. Be with your friends, and have a laugh.” Usually on a Thursday night, ENC will be celebrating its decade milestone with a Friday night outing – so if you do want to stay and celebrate the fact that you don’t have to be up for work or the school run, the venue will be open until 1am. It’s priced at £10 per ticket, which includes cake and a glass of fizz. EARLY NIGHT CLUB TURNS 10


Craft beer fans: make a beeline for Linton, where Wylde Sky Brewing is making waves with its super-cool microbrewery and taproom. Sip on a delicious American Pale Ale, slurp your way through a couple of refreshingly tart Saisons, or have a go on the gently smoky Scottish 60 – you can enjoy them fresh from the brewery in the taproom, which also hosts live music and street food trucks at the weekends. Keep up to date with the beer-fuelled adventures on Twitter at @wyldeskybrewing.


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