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IMMERSION ROOM GETS AN UPGRADE I mmersion Room has expanded its Toronto-based VP studio, moving into a new space in Downsview Park. The facility now boasts 23,000 sq ft – more than double its previous size – and allows for LED upgrades, keeping its VP capabilities up to date and fulfilling its ‘filmmaker-first’ mission. Having served over 70 clients in two short years, Immersion Room hopes to welcome more business and tackle challenging production projects. The company’s R&D department aims to develop new VP tech and solutions, giving it a creative edge and solidifying its position as an industry innovator. Immersion Room is beginning another round of fundraising after receiving initial seed money in 2020. “People keep saying virtual production is the future of filmmaking,” says Mike Boers, co-CEO. “To make that reality, we need high-performing, accessibly priced tech and services. That’s what we hope to bring to more filmmakers with a second round of fundraising.”

VERSTAPPEN’S CAR TAKES VIRTUAL DRIVE R ed Bull Racing, in partnership with Final Pixel and XPLOR, have created

Vegas, Austin and Miami, past the Kennedy Space Station and ultimately into New York City. The car, which was being used under strict confidentiality rules, couldn’t be seen by anybody on-location. “Not only did virtual production methods aid the sustainability initiative of a net zero carbon production,” begins Michael McKenna, CEO and director of VP at Final Pixel, “but it also solved numerous pain points that were rendering that initial creative brief – a road trip across America – impossible.”

Formula 1’s first virtual production (VP) shoot with Max Verstappen’s latest vehicle. The racecar – which had driven Verstappen F1 championship victory earlier this October – was taken on a short trip to Wakefield’s Production Park in West Yorkshire. The resulting short film shows Verstappen’s car – an Oracle Red Bull RB19 – make a cross-country journey through America, combining both real footage and computer-generated imagery that was created partially by Unreal Engine. The film takes audiences over the Nevada desert, through Las

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