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More than monitors The Atomos range forms a crucial part of a connected workflow

F or the latest crop of cameras – it’s the accessory every filmmaker should own. The larger view, brighter screen, extra monitoring tools such as waveforms, false colour and anamorphic options give professionals all the extras many cameras don’t have as standard. Historically, Atomos has led the way with its award-winning range – especially as cutting-edge products like the Ninja Ultra make it possible to record 8K ProRes Raw and 4K/120p footage from compatible cameras. With HDR offering incredible resolution, an external monitor just makes sense monitoring and Raw recording, this five- inch monitor allows cameras to output over HDMI, unlocking 10-bit performance and extending recording times. Atomos’ modular ecosystem enables users of select cameras to extend the Ninja’s functionality by adding the AtomX CAST module. This turns the device into a flexible HDMI switcher, multi-view monitor and high-quality recorder. The Ninja Ultra is part of a family of network-connected monitors and

INTERCONNECTED The Atomos ecosystem allows you to use almost any camera in a camera-to-cloud workflow, revolutionising your production

recorders, bringing cloud workflows to everyone. Adding an Atomos Connect to the back of a Ninja, Ninja Ultra or Ninja V/V+ turns your camera into a cloud- based device, with 12G-SDI input, AirGlu wireless timecode, multiple power options, plus Wi-Fi 6, Ethernet and Bluetooth LE connectivity. It’s not alone in the connected Atomos family – the Shogun series has a larger, brighter screen, with 12G-SDI, Ethernet and Wi-Fi built-in. The most accessible option is the Zato Connect, which makes virtually any HDMI camera or webcam compatible with camera-to-cloud workflows. And all three – Ninja, Shogun and Zato Connect – are shortlisted in the Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards. At the heart of this connected tech is Atomos Cloud Studio, a suite of services including cloud editing and live streaming. It offers live video production over the internet to allow real-time collaboration, and is perfect for camera- to-cloud workflows, uploading files from Atomos Connected devices to platforms such as from Adobe.

Atomos’ Connected devices record two files with matching filenames, timecode and metadata simultaneously. The full-resolution version is recorded to the SSD in the unit, while a low- bandwidth proxy is uploaded to the cloud via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. These can be edited remotely and the proxy files replaced by the high-res for final export. The Zato uploads a copy of a fixed- bit-rate H.264 file directly to – ideal for getting edited content to social media platforms sharpish. Any Atomos network-enabled device can also livestream with free support to deliver content directly to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and more. Recent innovations include a cloud- based editing system, Atomos Edit, integration with Sony’s Ci Media Cloud, support for Apple ProRes Raw plug-ins plus wireless or wired NDI transmission. Atomos now offers a device and workflow solution for filmmakers at all levels, making it easier than ever to collaborate and share media.

Standout Sumo A tomos doesn’t stop with camera-mounted monitors. The rugged Sumo 19SE is the perfect monitor for on-set and on- location shoots. Record ProRes Raw up to 6K/30p, get four independent inputs and live switching on this 19-inch, 1200-nit monitor.

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