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When you’re in the wilderness, dependable power is non- negotiable. For durability and reliability, Anton/Bauer’s Dionic XT range of batteries is a go-to on the toughest locations, due to its high- quality cells, rugged casing and ability to perform in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C. Delivering 12A of constant current simultaneously to cameras and accessories, it boasts sophisticated charging tech that actually extends its life cycle to provide a consistent level of power throughout its life. Don’t just take our word for it: XT batteries are a favourite of Renan Ozturk, adventure cinematographer extraordinaire, expedition climber and acclaimed photojournalist for National Geographic.

Peak performance Adventure cinematographer Renan Ozturk in action


The ideal companion for an adventure, Bebob’s batteries are durable, stackable and powerful. They operate effortlessly at extreme temperatures, from -20ºC to 55ºC. Not to worry about rules for ‘spare lithium batteries’ – the 98Wh versions can board your next flight, taking up minimal space thanks to their slim, ultra-compact form. Bebob’s batteries are especially useful in extended, uninterrupted shoots; a hot-swap adapter allows seamless power supply, even during replacement. Bebob’s other adapters fit all camera types, supporting you in any scenario. Its micro batteries also come with a built-in flashlight, making night-time shoots that much simpler.

When you travel to the ends of the earth in pursuit of that breathtaking shot, your footage needs protection. This is where the Samsung SSD T7 Shield comes in: a remarkably robust drive that’s ready for whatever you throw its way. Dust and water resistant, capable of withstanding three-metre drops and IP65-rated, this tough cookie will keep your data safe – whether you’re in the expanses of the Arctic or the scorching Sahara. It’s speedy, too, offering sequential read/write speeds of 1050/1000MB/s for lag-free editing direct from the drive, while the rubberised exterior controls heat to maintain steady performance, even for massive projects. DRIVE OF YOUR LIFE



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