Cambridge Education Guide Spring:Summer 2020 Newsletter



Later in Life Learning A R E T U R N T O E D U C A T I O N A S A M A T U R E S T U D E N T C A N B E A N E N R I C H I N G A N D L I F E - C H A N G I N G E X P E R I E N C E


e may be well into 2020 but the exhortations are still at full throttle. Increasingly, encouragement

to become the best possible version of ourselves, the people we could be with just a little effort has become an all-year-round campaign. Here, at least, plenty of local residents have taken up the challenge, rethinking their way into a bright new future with courses and classes that aren’t just worthwhile but inspiring and challenging – not to mention sheer good fun. For some, it’s all about acquiring practical skills. Local firms offering food and drink- related courses report healthy levels of demand. There’s something life-affirming about mastering bread-making or getting to grips with the jargon that comes naturally to wine experts but can be horribly off-putting to the rest of us. And for the very keen it can be about far more than a hobby that gets people out of their comfort zones and into new areas. A starter wine tasting session in our area, for example, can lead to a formal Wine and Spirits Education Trust qualification. Other people are firmly focused on work-related training, courses that will hone their existing talents or help them acquire a whole new set of new ones. But knowing which skills are likely to matter not just today but in the future isn’t easy.


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