Cambridge Education Guide Spring:Summer 2020 Newsletter



authority or individual state school is doing between inspections, the government publishes handy performance tables, updated annually. They are easy to find – just type in ‘compare a school’ or into your browser. You can search for individual primary and secondary schools by name, postcode, age group or area and create your own list to compare the results and see how they compare with others in the area. You can see how children do in assessments, compare results and pupil progress year by year and get information on the pupil population. Even better, you don’t have to be a statistics expert to make sense of the data – it comes ready crunched, is low on jargon and easy to use. But as with all data, what it can’t tell you is whether your child will be happy at a particular school. Statistics can never be a substitute for visiting the school, getting to know it and talking to current parents. However good the data, some things don’t ever change... individual state school is doing, the government publishes handy performance tables, updated annually” “For anyone who wants a snapshot of how their local authority or


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