Cambridge Education Guide Spring:Summer 2020 Newsletter



St John’s College School C A M B R I D G E

t John’s is the only school to have been awarded national Best Prep School and national Best Prep School Head awards in the Tatler Schools Awards. It is the only prep school to have its teaching rated ‘inspirational’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, and the first of very few to have achieved the coveted ‘Exceptional’ grade for children’s attainment. It is described by The Good Schools Guide as “a joyous place that’s buzzing”. At St John’s, staff believe in a childhood filled with affection, in which children know that they are known and valued, in which they learn to trust themselves and each other, in which they find and express their voices, discover the differences they can make for themselves and others, learn to think for themselves, to question, to collaborate, to be independent, and to own and take charge of their learning and their lives. The education at St John’s is about the whole child. Pupils become independent learners and creative thinkers prepared to question, with their curiosity very much alive. They get the best from themselves and achieve very highly within and beyond the classroom. The aim is for the children to develop a real generosity of spirit, to know and care about how to get the best from others, to do well while at the school and long after they have left for pastures new. FLEXIBLE LEARNING The youngest children are full of questions, rich with curiosity, and staff work to preserve and strengthen their questioning and thinking skills. From the earliest age, pupils are given essential tools, knowledge and understanding, with the aim to also give them more. St John’s College School has a Flexible Learning programme of development, incorporating child-led, independent learning, creative and critical thinking, digitally


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