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the generations to come. They are ensuring that the focus is firmly on the future so that the next batch of school leavers and those that follow on afterwards are equipped with the right skills to take their place in a rapidly changing world and lead it through the many exciting and daunting challenges that await. That means equipping them with tools that, increasingly, include soft skills like creativity, curiosity and resilience. Qualifications, however brilliant, need to be paired with a robust mindset that enables people to cope with pressure, challenge and failure, get up when things go wrong and start over. Nobody says it’s easy to do. But with so much talent, drive and determination around, if any area is going to do it, it’s ours.

t’s arguably never been a more exciting time to live and work in and around Cambridge. Our area garners plaudits like few others, and rightly so. We’re famed for the levels of innovation and creativity that propel people who live here into careers with the potential to transform society. Big name companies would certainly agree. With the benefits of a highly educated workforce at their disposal, many are setting up home here. What helps the process along is a first- rate education system. While there are glittering prizes for the taking (as one politician proudly announced, our area is in receipt of more Nobel prizes than the whole of France), our educators can’t afford to be blinded by past glories and neglect

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