Cambridge Education Guide Spring:Summer 2020 Newsletter



Schools put a lot of effort into their communications. They may be carefully curated to reflect the school’s corporate goals but what also comes across is an authenticity – an infectious enthusiasm for what they do. In some schools, individual departments or teachers have their own Twitter accounts. It’s not hard to see, from the number and variety of posts, which staff have a campaigning zeal for their subject and take a real pride in their department’s achievements. (It’s not

Taking a closer look at schools’ social media presence can tell you an awful lot about what a school’s like and whether it might suit your child. And while scanning a school’s website or scrolling through its latest Tweets can’t replace the first hand impressions gained by touring a school, getting to know it virtually can help to address the worries and questions that every prospective parent has – in a nutshell, helping to reassure them that their child will flourish, make progress and be happy.

unheard of to find a particularly gripping equation taking centre stage online). And with so much to gain from getting to know a school virtually, it’s a good idea for prospective parents to start the process early. Don’t wait until the week before visiting to start following schools online. Keep an eye on what they’re up to well beforehand and the insights you gain into their descriptions, activities and achievements will ensure you make the very most of your time when you’re there.


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