Cambridge Education Guide Spring:Summer 2020 Newsletter



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chools might have been slightly slower than their number of different audiences they’re able to reach? Social media enables schools to S pupils to take to social media – but boy, are they making up for it now. It’s a rare school that doesn’t have its own Facebook page, and they’ve taken to Twitter like a duck to water – or, more literally, a birdie to tweets. And who can blame them, given the

(a winning hockey fixture), a successful brush with gourmet cookery (no taste buds harmed in the process) and a cyber skills- sharpening session. In addition to showcasing classroom-to- playing field news and views, there’s also the reassurance of seeing that your child’s teachers have the digital know-how that matters when it comes to crafting timely, well-honed messages. Social media is an immensely powerful tool, bringing to life the stories of a school

reach out to current families, members of staff, the students themselves and former students. It’s also a great way for prospective parents to get a feel for the school and the opportunities on offer. Parents don’t have to move far from a comfy chair to see what their child’s school has been up to on an hour-by-hour – almost minute-by-minute – basis. Over a 24-hour period on Twitter, whizzy events and activities reported in 280 characters or less by local schools included successes in sport


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